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2013 WTBOCS - Test Race
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2013 WTBOCS - Test Race
On Sunday, April 7th 2013 Realistic NASCAR will be holding an open test race for the World TBO Championship Series on [RN] Cup Series from 13:00 GMT until 14:30 GMT. The password for this race will be: testing123

All competitors are invited to join us in this test race in the TBO class. Registration for this event is not required!

RB4 - No restriction
XRT - 2% in-take restriction
FXO - 5% in-take restriction

This race will take place on the Fern Bay Green course (FE2) with the addition of the Cornys Chicane (photo | layout). This race will last a duration of 41 laps (126.526 km / 78.638 miles) + 1 pace lap. This race is expected to last almost exactly 55 min. including the pace lap.

Event Schedule (7 April 2013):
13:00 GMT - Qualifying Begins (25 min)
13:30 GMT - Grid Stacking Begins
13:35 GMT - Pace Lap begins
13:37 GMT - Race Begins
14:30 GMT - Estimated Checkered Flag Time

Race Rules
- Pit-stop required (4 tyre change mandated)
- This must occcur between LFS laps 12 and 32 for the leaders. Pit road will appear as closed prior to and after this time.
- Double file start and restart if required. No passing prior to the start/finish line. If you must pull along side the car infront of you to avoid contact you must give back any time gained as soon as possible.

The Realistic NASCAR Rulebook ... s all other general rules.
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Would those drivers who are interested please post here? Thank you
One interested driver who is interested posted here. You're welcome.
Im quite interested, should be able to make sunday races in 2 weeks now.
one interested driver who is interested posted here.
am interested
Conditions for today's race will be sunny with high winds.
Qualifying is underway There's still time to join us
I was bored. The layout is great.

2013 WTBOCS - Test Race
(10 posts, started )