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OLFSL Season 2012 - From Tortoise to Hare
Another year is upon us and, after a slower than usual start, we are back with a brand new season! This time we are taking you on a journey through the cars LFS offers, starting with the slowest and slowly working up to the big guns (although, not all the way). The name of the season is The Original LFS League - From Tortoise to Hare.

Join us for the ride of your life and have fun along the way.

The qualifying format will be identical to previous seasons but there is one important difference; the name of our servers have changed. Please note that they are now called:

The Original LFS League 1
The Original LFS League 2
The Original LFS League 3
The Original LFS League Qual

Please use these new server names for qualifying and racing. Also, don't forget to check out the rules and regulations even if you are an OLFSL veteran, just to make sure you have them firmly planted in your heads.

We hope you enjoy the season and can't wait to see you on track!

Qualifying for Event 1 is now officially open!

The OLFSL Team
Just a quick note to say that I have moved home and no longer have the uber broadband connection I once had. I doubt I can adequately stream video of races any more.

Looking forward to the new season, thanks to FF Tim and FF S.Varjonen for getting most of the work done.
Bug? I did in team LFS fun club. Why me dont in list team?
Will be the official closing of the championship with the final results?

OLFSL Season 2012 - From Tortoise to Hare
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