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#1 - meddc
AirAttack Forums - MOVED
Some of our regular racers may have noticed that our forums at were down recently.

Due to issues beyond our control, we have now moved the AirAttack server forums into the main GenR forums.

Our new forums can be found at: (once there, click on Air Attack Servers forum).
Sad sad times. I had been trying to get back onto the site for quite some time to see what was happening, but I guess it was the last nail in its coffin. It had been a like a 2nd home to return to after venturing off elsewhere trying other things during the 6 years since I first started visiting there. But then nothing last forever.

I have Myst on my Steam account, I will have to hit him up some time to see what actually happened.

(btw, its Silver77)
#3 - meddc
Hi Silver77,

Yes, no idea what happened to the site - has been down a while now. AirAttack (the LFS racing team), however, has found a new home as part of GenR and this has revitalised the team to a large extent. We are about to launch a new licence competition to welcome a new team sponsor, have some new members, new Rally events, and are now participating in regular events against MRc, as well as other GenR leagues. So it's not all bad.

Yes I am a firm believer in reinvention bringing fresh life to things in certain ways, so it is good to hear that AirAttacks LFS future is still going ahead and evolving, definitely can live on beyond the old site.

Will just be a shame to see the end of the old site, for nostalgic reasons more than anything, but the AirAttack site was on a slowly withering path there anyway it must be said.

If I happen to find out from Myst what happened I will send you a PM, just for the curiosity sake of it.