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GT1WS 2013 Round 5: Race Discussion
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GT1WS 2013 Round 5: Race Discussion

Round 5 of the 2013 GT1 World Series, the 6 Hours of South City Long.

Please find attached an official circuit diagram. Please use the indicated sectors of track when you are filing protests, or other reports to officials. The administration will use those sector names to indicate incident conditions.

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I like SO4

I like bus

I like this race
I love Jokuk:lovies3d:
#5 - ZanZi
y u so wrong u drunk fin
I love Dennisk :lovies3d: sry for crashin you dennis k? : (
#9 - kiste
i feel some love in the air
And then they hit the track.
What is love.. Baby don't hurt me.. don't hurt me.. no more..

What is love..
how to race?
#13 - CSF
good luck
#15 - CSF
Oh hello Mr Enthusiastic stream viewer.
good tip thanks!
This race discussion begun lovely.
you said that was only arguing in LFS ! We love each others !

sounds gay?
07 N.Ðaković connected (N I K I)
07 N.Ðaković : 07 O.Taskinen - skype pls
07 N.Ðaković was kicked (N I K I)

Niki forgot the rules?
no just niki doing his usual

[6:34:48 PM] Franky: why the **** did you connect to tell him that?
[6:35:34 PM] Niki Đaković: wtf, this real race??????((((((((((
who else but niki
Quote from Eclipsed :Session of Incident: Race
MPR Timecode -OR- UTC Time of Incident: 1h52:40
Lap and Location of Incident: 71 (of car 66) CS-7
Your Car Number: 66
Other Car(s) Involved: 67
Brief Description of Incident: After incident caused by my mistake on lap 70,67 takes revenge and intentionally hits and spins 66

There was no revenge in that, you were 15 mph off pace, maybe they should have thrown the local yellow for you... or you should just get off the racing line if you are gonna go slow
edit: what previous incident are you referring to? I dont recall us being near you often because you were always ahead of us one corner and 2 behind us the next

GT1WS 2013 Round 5: Race Discussion
(138 posts, started )