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Thinking of buying - a few questions first
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Quote from Tomba(FIN) :
Don't buy.. Seriously, listen to me. Other guys here are fanbois.

Said the guy with 29492 miles under his belt. At 60mph that's like 490 hours.

$40 is a great deal.
Quote from jajp999 :Thanks for then answers guys

I'm more of a single player (AI) person - I played iRacing for about 2 years and the people on there just put me off joining another MP experience

This is a smaller community.. it works alot better than a big one
Quote from Mountaindewzilla :Said the guy with 29492 miles under his belt. At 60mph that's like 490 hours.

$40 is a great deal.

It's still double to yours, idiot Nice trolling attemp.. Another example to prove that LFS is boring, even the fanbois protecting it can't play it because it's so shit.
sorry got to lol at tomba - not all demo servers are lifeless. MRc and AA servers are daily packed with racers and before i hear the following from people who have no idea about current demo servers and only go by there experiences in the past they are not all full of crashers and both these servers have active admins who try there damn best to keep things smoothly and they do not tolerate people crashing and will ban them instantly.
So I have to quote myself for you..

Quote from Tomba(FIN) :If only s2 had any decent servers... online experience my ass... you get more out of demo

@japj, go on lfsworld and see for yourself what's the status of lfs..

Never said there was no life in demo, there indeed is. A lot more than in S2. Thread is about S2, and it's servers (racing)...
What was his point? That he has barely even touched LFS in 6yrs time and he says it's worth buying?
Quote from Tomba(FIN) :What was his point? That he has barely even touched LFS in 6yrs time and he says it's worth buying?

You don't get it.
- How is the AI at higher power levels (F1 car). Current AI seems to bash into me a little when overtaking takes place.
AI is pretty bad and slow. Contact happens but the cars in lfs can take really big hits before you get any real damage. So in general the collisions are not a problem.

- Is the AI on a par with rF2?
Main problem with lfs AI is that they are really slow. RF2 AI has its own different problems but in general lfs ai is not really the selling point of this sim. If you want to race only against ai rf2 beats lfs hands down.

- Will the AI continue to challenge me?
No. You can always put restrictors on your cars to slow yourself down though.

- demo track seems a little lifeless - all have this feel?
Pretty much yes. And there are not many tracks either.

- Textures in the demo track a little low res (trees) any updates for this?
No. There are mods for it though.

- Is there a dynamic track (grip different on and off the racing line) - does it build during a race?
No. There is only a visual effect of rubber laid on track.

- Is this product really still being developed - really!???
No. The last patch that came with content was in 2006. If you buy lfs you buy it because of what it is now. If you buy lfs expecting any kind of development or content you will be seriously disappointed. There is no new content coming period. The next content update is S3 that is probably years and years away. And it will cost 12£.

LFS as it is now is still solid performer. But there are alternatives that are better. Rfactor1 and rf2 are still good solid sims with tons of extremely good content that totally destroys lfs.

The competition has simply overtaken lfs. All lfs has left is simplicity and easy of use and if you value those two things (and literally don't care about anything else) then lfs is your choise. But personally I'd recommend checking out rf1, rf2, game stockcar, gt5, pcars, assetto corsa. And then look at lfs again to see if you really want it.
the AI was not a priority in this game. on most tracks with most cars it is pretty slow, but some combinations can be much more competitive, especially the FBM (F1 training car). on the city track the AI sometimes can't make it through the course with some cars.

however lfs is very customizable, so you can do the following:

-create a field of various strength AI by making them use various engine restrictions. once you're done tweaking you can save the grid to be reloaded later. you can easily put yourself mid-pack to where you must race your best to make it to the front with proper engine restrictions (with you at -3% to -7% power about). even on my modest computer you can do a big field.

-upgrade the graphics. makes a big difference.

-with a particular older version of LFS you can actually modify the cars themselves with LFSTweak. this lets you do some fun stuff like change horsepower, recreate your own car (about). can not go online with modified car.

-you can create your own custom layouts (autocross). this is actually a pretty powerful tool that can be used on all the tracks and not just the autocross parking lot. many objects are there for you to place like you want, and the race timing works well, with and without penalties for hitting tires/cones.

one thing that wasn't mentioned was the setups. compared to the other games/sims I've used (iRacing, GP3, colin mcrae rallys) the car setup in LFS is pretty awesome. apart from static steering geometry and 1/1 motion ratio, it is a lot like setting up a real car. if you enjoy the challenge of tackling the engineering aspect of racing, you can have a lot of fun in LFS. you can really make a setup that responds to your own style of driving, and there is a lot of depth to the response the sim gives you to changes in setup.

I guess I am someone who takes more of a single player approach to LFS since most people are like "it sucks" or "it rocks". my best memories are definitely from online play when I ran into someone about my same pace. That didn't happen often though! I have my own brand of suck! hehe. I find it a lot more fun than iRacing though, where the multiplayer just left me feeling alone, like I was hotlapping with people around.

LFS feels more like a mosh pit when it really gets going.
If you want to race AI, dont get lfs, if you want to race real people. never play any other racing game.

nuff said

actually 1 more thing, LFS has THE BEST ffb feel of ANY GAME Rfactor and iracing have nothing on it.
Quote from HarryGillman :
actually 1 more thing, LFS has THE BEST ffb feel of ANY GAME Rfactor and iracing have nothing on it.

rFactor 2 has probably a better FFB. I did not try yet many cars, but it is really impresive how you feel every bump and the inner tire losing vertical load.

Thinking of buying - a few questions first
(38 posts, started )