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Sisu Grand Prix
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Sisu Grand Prix
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R.I.P Sisu Grand Prix 2012-2013.

GL for the team!
Suomi-invaasio jatkuu... but GL...
Quote from Stig209 :Suomi-invaasio jatkuu... but GL...

True, but as ends its actions by the end of the year, the Finns have nowhere else to go
#5 - _NX_
and what is 5laps?
Are you stu...oh yeah Scouse, never mind.

5laps took over MNK(which was run by MTV, which is why their are so many idiot finns like Mikko on LFS) and there is a huge finnish community that race in 5laps events.
and now 5laps is closing soon all that finnish kids come here and make new teams.
well why dont they just go in to one god damn team, or two atleast. Rather than invade with 100 teams with 1-2 drivers within each?
may they dont like each other?
They have nothing against each other, at least most of them. But it was too easy to build up a team in, so they think it's the same thing here. They just don't know...
Oh shoot, c'mon guys! We have the rights to create teams just like others. And it's not that I don't like others, I just want to start my own team. By the way the team has soon existed for a year now. And I'm not a kid who you are referring to, I'm 17.
#13 - Emyn
Nice to see you still driving LFS, though 5laps is gone.

Good luck mate!
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Quote from RandomnessInside :And I'm not a kid who you are referring to, I'm 17.

Please make sure you understand this time...
Proud to be finnish
I'm glad I'm not finnish
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Just a quick update here:

As you know we are starting in LFS' international part this year, and we are looking for some drivers. We already have a punch of Finnish drivers but they were in the team since the creation process of the team in, which is now closed.

So, we are looking for experienced S2-licensed drivers. Other than Finns, don't hesitate to apply for the team

We might be novices, but we're eager to move on to world-class level.
Quote from RandomnessInside :We already have a punch of Finnish drivers...

How does the punch taste?

Sorry to have lowered myself to this level...
Quote from rockclan :How does the punch taste?

Wouldn't it be quite obvious? Sisuful!

Well, I meant to say bunch but I guess I messed the letters up again...
Quote from rockclan :How does the punch taste

Seriously of all the things you can think of :d

Also gl sgp you guys look relatively professional
At present, the only members of our team are Finnish. So "abroaders", don't hesitate to ask if you would like to join. We are always interested in new talents to join the team.

Sisu Grand Prix
(41 posts, started )