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GT1WS 2013: Application
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GT1WS 2013: Application

GT1 World Series 2013 - Application

Welcome to the Inaugrual Season of New Dimension Racing's GT1 World Series!

If you wish to apply a team to the series, please follow the instructions below, TO THE LETTER.

We WILL ignore ANY application that does not conform to the requirements.

ALL Application Materials MUST BE EMAILED to

To Apply your Team

Send an email to with the following Subject Line:

"GT1WS 2013 APPLICATION - {Team Name Here}"

The body of the email shall contain the actual application, filling in fields as necessary.

teamName: Example Motorsports
teamManager: {username, Forename Surname}
- {username, Forename Surname} NOTE: one vice-manager per line, maximum of 3.
class: EITHER: GT1-Pro OR GT1-Am car: 3 letter car code (FZR, XRR, FXR) drivers: - {username, Forename Surname, Country} NOTE: one line per driver, no maximum

An example of an initial Application:

Subj: GT1WS 2013 APPLICATION - New Dimension Racing


teamName: New Dimension Racing
teamManager: {dekojester, Jonathan Palmer}
- {CSF, Chris Ford}
- {hyntty, Timo Hynninen}
class: GT1-Am
car: XRR
- {dekojester, Jonathan Palmer, USA}
- {CSF, Chris Ford, Scotland}
- {hyntty, Timo Hynninen, Finland}
- {Deutschland2007, Dominik Engel, Germany}

To Edit Your Team Application

Send an email IN REPLY to your initial application email to

List ONLY THE CHANGES, and which line of the application it affects, and what change must be made, if necessary.

Commands (Please ALWAYS give the command all upper-case): REMOVE/DELETE, ADD, CHANGE


REMOVE driver {hyntty, Timo Hynninen, Finland}

ADD driver {boothy, Michael Booth, Scotland}

CHANGE class FROM GT1-Am to GT1-Pro


To DELETE your Team Application

Send an email IN REPLY to your initial application email to with the following message content:

DELETE Entry for {teamName}

Example: DELETE Entry for New Dimension Racing.

Applications Processing

Numbers will be assigned to teams by the Administration.

No Initial Applications, Edits, or Deletions will be processed during the time period from 18:00 UTC on the Friday prior to a Round, to 18:00 UTC on the Sunday following a Round. They will simply be ignored, and processed after the lockout. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, dependent upon the urgency of the need.

Until the expiration of the initial applications Window, all correct applications will be simply be met with an "Application Received" email. After the initial applications window, replies will be more specific at the proper times.

[I][B]At This Time...

The restriction on one car per team per class has been lifted. Teams may now submit multiple teams in a class.

The deadline for initial applications is 23:59 UTC on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. Initial Acceptance and Car Number assignments will take place at this time

I must also notify / remind you that GT1 World Series prohibits drivers being shared on more than one roster at a time.

Each driver must be on only one roster at a time.

Drivers may be freely swapped where legal (pro -> Am mainly) if there is a Pro and Am Car for one team, but may only be on one team at a time.
As of this post, application count stands at 11, with the following breakdown:

GT1-Pro: 6
GT1-Am: 5
FZR: 9
XRR: 1
FXR: 1
There are now 21 applications received.

GT1-Pro: 10
GT1-Am: 11
FZR: 11
XRR: 8
FXR: 2
There are now 29 applications received.

GT1-Pro: 15
GT1-Am: 14
FZR: 16
XRR: 10
FXR: 3
With a bit over 37 hours until the initial application deadline, we have 31 applications recieved. Bearing in mind that possibly not all will be accepted for various reasons, at this time we will allow (and for the remainder of the season) teams to submit multiple cars per class.

GT1-Pro: 17
GT1-Am: 14
FZR: 16
XRR: 11
FXR: 4
Less than 6 hours until the first deadline!

Of course, the application period never closes (at least not until the final round ) so you won't be shunned if you don't submit app this early. BUT to get a response overnight tonight, get your app in before deadline.
I would like to apologies for not getting application responses out tonight. I worked extra hours today and didn't have much time at home, and am tired / watching this trainwreck of an election night. I'll get the emails and number assignments sometime during day Wednesday.
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GT1WS 2013: Application
(8 posts, closed, started )