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Sold my simracing stuff...
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Sold my simracing stuff...
OMG, it's bunder...

I sold my simracing stuff today. Haven't been playing LFS (for obvious reasons), and I needed the room in my apartment for some electronics projects I'm working on, so it had to go.

Sad to see it go, but I haven't used in a year and a half probably, and I'm actually quite surprised someone wanted it. Wound up selling it for $300, which was less than I wanted, but it was better than throwing it out, considering I paid close to a grand for the complete PlaySeat Evo set (shifter, seat adjuster, shifter bracket, floor mat).

So yeah, I'm out. See ya's.
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would have given you 500$, would have been a weekend trip.
You made a horrible mistake, test patch Z345 is on the way, bringing a better speedometer.

Sold my simracing stuff...
(7 posts, started )