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45//Spec Textures
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45//Spec Textures
Here it is Finally , Our High Quality Autocross Texture Pack .
We suggest you use Our Textures in combination with the Rev Pack. Our textures have no effect on the Rev Pack.

Click the Banner below to go to the download link...


Includes :
New Autocross Asphalt
New HQ Chalk Lines
New D1GP Official Sponsor Banners
+ Some more

If you have any ideas or suggestions for more textures for autocross , Lets us Know !!
And if there is enough interest we might be motivated to do more...

Big Luv to Live For Speed and the Community.


Enjoy guyz
this pack is amazing and i will recommend all to download this! i have used it since its first stages and it always gives me a "wow!" feeling everytime i see it.

Nice Work Okachan!

(by the way - put a download link before people flame!)

heres one for now (crank aint replying on msn!)
#4 - Gen1x
i <3 you guys for this =)
great work crank

BTW click the pic
#8 - T0mas
Could some one reuplode this texture pack?
yes, please
I would like to try these textures as well.
Crank please man reupload this textures. This link does not work
Demo racer and Autocross Textures ?
A fantastic work. Love it. Cheers.
Can some1 reupload these files?
Media fire link please
Bump. Re-upload please.
Yeah pls some1 pls :drugs:
oh thanks nvk. Dat helped
Novak, you angel, thank you.

45//Spec Textures
(21 posts, started )