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good time to join :)
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good time to join :)
Maybe there are racers who always wanted to join a league but were too scared? (of causing crashs or difficult combos)
Now might be a good time to try.

During summer AB league is paused, but every sunday there are two rallyecross races:

Last race was rb4 on blackwood rallye.

because of the summerbreak the startgrids are smaller and the tracks are not as fast.
There are two more rallycross events before saison continues:
XRT / FXO at FE5R rally (today!)
FZ5 25% restricted BL2X + layout (Rally Alternative)

The next normal races are quite "easy" cars as well, with the uf1000, fbmw and xfg/xrg.
Full calender and everything at

good time to join :)
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