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[ skinnerz bible ]
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[ skinnerz bible ]

Hello boys and girls,

Today we're going to be helping you with your skinning endeavours.
Watch our tutorials, use our skin kits and save yourself precious time and most importantly enjoy yourself!

Kind Regards.

Alternative Download link

Courtesy of 45 Spec, Master Skinnerz, & Design Dudes.

Top Tip: You need Photoshop CS3, CS4 or CS5 EXTENDED!!! As far as I know other versions of PS don't have the 3D feature.
I like tha 3d model. Superb. Saves you alttab to LFS viewer.
Great piece of work.
#3 - Sk0rp
The zip-file contains only some 3d-models. Where can we get the rest? BF1, FMB, for example?
As mentioned on the MasterSkinners Forum.

It will take time to make the rest of the cars... sorry.
Late bump, but wow! That was like magic. I need to watch the videos again in slow-mo to see what the magicians hands are doing
Little bump after a long time hehe. Can someone update the download link please?
Im guessing this is dead now, but is there any 3D.psd skinning kits still available? I really would love that, it would make it so much easier! If somebody still has them and could upload then, that would be amazing.
*Links updated

[ skinnerz bible ]
(8 posts, started )