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LFSCART Light Series 2012: Signups
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Quote from Eclipsed :
Team Name: TheReality Racing Team
Number of Cars Entered: 1
Car Numbers Requested: 96
Team Manager Real Name, LFSWorld UserName: Ronalds Kronpušs, Eclipsed
Team Vice Manager 1 Real Name, LFSWorld UserName: Rolands Kampars, Invecs
Drivers: Ronalds Kronpušs, Eclipsed, Latvia

Added vice manager
Quote from ossu50 :
Team Name: [B]UGR[/B]
Number of Cars Entered: [B]2[/B]
Car Numbers Requested:[B] 78, 79[/B]
Team Manager Real Name, LFSWorld UserName: [B]Keijo Ilu, ossu50[/B]
Drivers: 2
[B]Lauri Ammutaja, kardisoitja, Estonia
Keijo Ilu, ossu50, Estonia[/B]

Team name changed: Team UGR
Quote from DeadWolfBones :
CoRe Racing 1
Number of Cars Entered: 4
Car Numbers Requested: 30, 31, 32, 33
Team Manager: Ben Keough, DeadWolfBones
Team Vice Manager 1: Christian Kistner, kiste
Ben Keough, DeadWolfBones, USA
Sami Anttonen, _coca-cola_, Finland
Jesse Telkkälä, Iginla, Finland
Toni Lähteenmäki, FL4SH-, Finland
Ilari Juusela, ilbens, Finland
Andre Araujo, A. Araujo, Portugal
Dario Ramos, Locovich, Argentina
Ariel Chiodini, RiGun, Argentina
Marcelo Neiva, Bacabinha, Brazil
Andris Pavars, andRo., Latvia
Kaique Piropo, KaiqueBRA, Brazil
Luis Barbosa, Zero_0, Portugal
Corey Green, rcpilot, USA
Teemu Suninen, marakattimax, Finland
Axel Falck, MonkeyHead, Finland
Maik Paluch, FireMike15, Germany
Isaac Price, IsaacPrice, Wales
More TBA

Added Isaac to our lineups.
---Signups lockout for Round 4 ended---
---Signups lockout for Round 5 ended---

I do hope you realise that if you need to make a change, and it's after the reopening of signups as per policy / rules, you can PM it to me / Thilo and we'll sort it. For current / future reference.
Removed seniecka from SAVAGE line-up.
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LFSCART Light Series 2012: Signups
(81 posts, closed, started )