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FPS problems after re-installing Windows
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FPS problems after re-installing Windows

Maybe someone from this forum can help me out.
I recently re-installed my windows and I am facing FPS issues now. I used to have Windows XP and now I installed Windows 7. FPS has decreased a lot - on empty track in Windows XP I used to have ~90FPS, now I have 40-60FPS. When I watched a replay with full grid, FPS at some points even fell down to 8 FPS, everything lags etc. On old Windows I had no problem watching replays with full grids and LFS graphics being on highest. Also when playing LFS, pretty much everything was set to highest and there wasn't any FPS problem.

LFS is using up to 3 to 4 times more PC resources than it was using on Windows XP. And I have noticed this issue only with LFS. All the other programs etc. are using less resources than they used to on old Windows and are running better.

All drivers are up to date, everything is updated, not sure what the problem is. Or maybe my PC is not good enough to run LFS on Windows 7 or something?

Any ideas?
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You could post your system specs.
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.01GHz
RAM: 1,00 GB
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT (256 MB) (Latest driver installed)
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 32-bit

I guess it is because of my shitty RAM?
Before I used 8600GT, I had like 2x lower FPS on Windows 7 compared to XP.
When switched to HD6750, FPS on Windows 7 is about 30% better compared to XP.
All newest drivers, I guess the problem is that this card is outdated for Windows 7. There is no decent drivers for Win 7 to give maximum performance.
Hmm, I see - thanks.
Quote from andRo. :Hmm, I see - thanks.

guess that RAM is also too low, since my computer is using 1,5GB upon to start (win 7)
W7 consume 30% or more that wxp
W7 uses A LOT of RAM... I suggest you to double your RAM memory.
I think is a CPU problem and not ram, he have loss of FPS no stuttering

As i say W7 consume 30% more that windows Xp and a 60% less that windows vista

I suggest that you disable all the aero features of win7 and give it a go
I to have the 7600gt 256mb gfx card, and athlon single core 3700+ stock is 2.2ghz but I'm over locked to 2.5 ghz, 1.7 gig ram and a 6 year old as rock motherboard using windows 7, I have around 100 fps but with the CPU set at stock I get 60-70 fps. Lfs uses about 23% of the gpu, the ram is a little low but useable, the CPU gets 99% load when lfs is in full use, I would if it was my PC check your CPU temp with Everest and increase the CPU frequency in the system BIOS from 200 to 225 and then give lfs a try,
Okay, I will try. Thanks.
1 GB RAM is really the lower limit for W7. If you want to run W7 on this machine, you should either add some RAM or slim W7 down as much as possible. That includes disabling Aero and switching to Classic desktop theme, disabling services you don't need and running as less background apps as possible.

As RAM shouldn't have any effect on framerate, I suspect a video card driver here. It's possible that you'd been using an older version on XP and the new one has different default settings or even a bug that causes the FPS loss in LFS.
Disabling other processes didn't help, same crappy FPS. But thanks anyway.

General_Al- I will check it out, thanks.

FPS problems after re-installing Windows
(14 posts, started )