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grease for plastic gears??
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grease for plastic gears??
Will it actually matter at all? As long it doesn't eat the plastic it's fine. Not like any grease will stop making it sound like a tractor.
ever heard of or used marine grease, supposed to be really sticky. ... em19ceaad807#ht_500wt_922

ok so out of the grease's that i have added a link to which is the best to choose? for quality!

thinking about going for white lithium grease, what do you think?
I don't know, but just put regular oil that is put to machines [small oil bottles in the shops.] Works well for me.
i'd like something thick to take up some of the slack between the cogs and in the hope that the grease will stay on the cogs rather than fly off when spinning.
It will move when you turn the wheel. It's not glue, it uses like toothpaste.
i understand that, at the moment it feels as if the original grease is no longer up to the job.

seems rather noisy, i dont even know of an rc car that makes this much noise with a twin motor spinning at 12000rpm~
I doubt there's enough grease in the world to make a G25 silent. It can also be due to the wear and tear through the years that it's just worn out a little.
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Yes, grease will make the gears quieter but of course there is a limit to the quietness.

Try it and see.
i think, that i may of come up with a solution to the whole g25 noise problem. . . i'm not sure yet but i'll be doing some more research on this first before i go ahead and start doing things. . . i'll try to explain my idea a little.. . .

ok we all know the motor has a small metal gear and the wheel has a large plastic cog with a pre-loader which is w@nk. . this is what i'm thinking about converting it to. . . BELT driven!!

it would be possible to re-mount the motors on the same plate but further apart away from the wheel gear, put them on a slider on one of the bolt holes to make the motor more adjustable as at the moment they are fixed, then remove the standard cog and fit one of these. . . .

copy and paste this link into your web browser!BsGId5gEGk~$(KGrHqEH-CEEvQT2HuSGBL2e+0JF4!~~_35.JPG

press on this link ... ploads/2011/08/BELTS6.jpg

correct size and tooth amount hasn't been worked out yet, the tooth amount wont matter too much its the size and the pitch of the teeth that will, then find or make a larger cog for the wheel gear with the same 2mm pitch tooth, chop up the original plastic cog and fix the new larger plastic or even metal cog to the wheel, mount secure the large cog, mount he motors and the belt adjust the tension using the motors on the slider and hey presto, one belt driving logitech g25?

idea copyrighted and protected

so tell me what you think?

grease for plastic gears??
(12 posts, started )