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Where is the annual april fool?
I think something is missing here. Where did the annual april fool go?
Is this a hint that we might not have 16hours race this year?
Well we are not sure if we can handle it this year, so i think you'll just have to wait until we announce something here.
That's another point, why LFS is going to die, one of the most brilliant racing events inside LFS. Just because of the stupid flaming of some arrogant people.
Well, commander, we're still open to help you!
Friend will is power ,you need helpers .

The 16 hours you must do
Yeah, all of my team, are really interested to support you!
You guys are the best! I would really, really miss the 16-hour if its not gonna be arranged. Its one of my favorite races during a year! :-)
+1 on all of this-16 hours next weekend from Saturday would be epic. Either that or May Bank Holiday. Or June. Cause if we miss it, the world will die. :/
I would be very interesting, is an epic race, we have engaged two years ago. Our team is excited about the idea, if something we can work with the organization we are ready.

: Pulgar: