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Little bug on the forum
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Little bug on the forum
Quote :
You have received a new private message at Live for Speed from Eric, entitled "You have received an infraction at Live for Speed".

To read and/or reply to the message, you must log in here:

Thats all nice. But if you do that you can't access that particular section if...

Quote :

Reason: Unable to respect forum rules
You have failed to respect the forum rules:

* 3) Live for Speed tries to keep their forum a clean place where common sense is the main guideline.*

* 1) When I post a message on this forum, I will do my very best to write in a polite manner *
*and not use foul language and / or insult an individual or group of people.*

* 3) I shall not post images, or links to images, which contain offensive content such as *
*nudity, pornographic, racist or any other clearly offensive content such as excessive violence.*

Posting images using offencive language is not allowed.


What happened to 2) by the way? 3-1-3 some hidden message?

Quote :
Do not reply to this message via email; Eric will not receive your reply then.

No way!?

I won't go into further detail about the rest because that is not the topic here. Will create another one for that.

Tomorrow. Otherwise Eric might get overworked with managing things here.

Impressive activity!
Quote from blondyhere :What happened to 2) by the way? 3-1-3 some hidden message?

No hidden messages. The relevant points have been quoted from the LFS Forum's Privacy Statement / Disclaimer / Agreement (

And a lot of folk seem to miss the following too...
Quote :
-- Tips --
Please be aware that people of any age and from many different cultures visit this forum and post their opinions. Also not everyone is equally fluent in the English language which is used on this forum. It can therefore happen that messages may be misunderstood, depending on how you read them. Keep in mind that people usually mean well, so when in doubt, give people the benefit of the doubt and see their post in a positive manner. Doing so will make our forum a nice place to freely discuss anything you want (fully or remotely related to sim-racing), without the need for moderators to intervene.

I know but it's not 3-1-3 there. But now I see the difference yes.

It's a 3) from another part of that statement. I initially thought this was just a default email body text but it's manually edited. Thats fine.

That wasn't my main issue though. It's being stated that you can login and read/reply which isn't the case. You cannot do anything and if I would have had an inactive email account I would have no idea what exactly happened.

I think a forum shouldn't behave like that. It's about the same as I would issue a 999 on the racing servers without informing the person why I did that and also keep my ears shut.

And there is another strange thing on the forum. If you get 'a red card' your PM box is reset to 150 messages max. Which is a problem when you already have 300+

Lack of communication is the problem here on LFS and it seems to be spread to various places.

But... Luckily there is the Flame

Quote from Silverracer :

And a lot of folk seem to miss the following too...

They sure do
You didn't include enough of the words troll, son, peace, and kid in your posts, otherwise you'd be fine to post all the crap you want all day.
Back in my young days I would put this forum upside down yeah. You are better of here with a demo account and a proxified IP address and a fresh Hotmail account then with a S2/S1 membership.

Kinda silly.

Will think about that later when I, deliberately , going to step on someones toes.

Made so easy now.
(Töki (HUN)) DELETED by Eric : Spam, inappropriate image
#6 - Sobis
Demo racer
Racername: / nl2dav

Another one, Dave?..

Situation only continue to worsen. But, it's not my choice. I can hold on for a while. Instead of sponsoring free servers, S1 vouchers and some very extensive work on some race servers the last two years.. It's something different for a change

I'm being called childish now (just read that in an email) but the counterpart is just arrogantly sitting in an ivory tower saying that I am a racist or something in that direction. Then you obviously have no clue at all what is happening on the core of your sim; racing servers.

Thats fine, but then I go to act differently here too. Simple.

Little bug on the forum
(7 posts, started )