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i dont think lfs is dead as there are new members all the time,i understand what you say about the updates but also understand the reasons used by the devs for them not being released yet...As they say the problem is with the tyre physics not being up to what they want(understandable) but then again i would say not release rockingham now and the others later.

Apart from that there are many that enjoy lfs s2 had 32 fbms on aston yesterday
Quote from Bmxtwins s2 had 32 fbms on aston yesterday

cool but we are on about demo servers in general
Far from dead, enough said!
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Quote from Speed Senna :LFS IS NOT dead, it's a troll simulator. That's all.

same as this forum

too bad,the game has potential
Quote from TRKAC :same as this forum

too bad,the game has potential

game had potential for being another need for speed game in your mind? gtfac
LFS is not dead. Far from it. The people claiming it is dead seem to project their own personal status on LFS. When I play it is very much alive, along with my competitors, full servers every night.

You have to realize that the potential you are talking about is lived up to constantly, all the time, every night and day.

Can not understand why racers need anything more from a game being just awesome. It's up to you, to live the game, not the game itself.

LFS is designed with a no-limit to what you can do, so go ahead and have some fun! Don't expect people to have fun for you.
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The game has many layers.... many of which are not very apparent for a new user...

- There are the demo servers for the cruisers/recreational racers. Those are almost always filled with 8-12 cars.

- There are other open race servers like (brilliant fun by the way) with ~10 minute races that are full (32 cars... in every class imaginable) all weeknights and weekends.

- Other stuff like drift servers and rallyx have occasional crowds. You just have to know WHEN to log on. Want it or not, this is a game with a lot of europeans... so when it's evening/weekends there is the best time to log on.

- Then after that there are leagues. Plenty of them. Just dig around the forum and you will find leagues for newbies (with basically no experience needed) to some very competitive stuff.

- There is even Enduro races. Example: Masters of Endurance is a 24-hour event for teams usually run in January..... the Kyoto 16 hours in October..... New Dimension Racing even has an enduro LEAGUE (GT2 World Series) for 3 and 6 hour races. Several others exist. That was just 3 examples.

There is still plenty of stuff to keep people busy. It just takes a while to find the right league or server
Yes, you can find some pretty competitive and intense racing on cargame (only the S2 one though), all day except ~02:00-08:00 for obvious reasons.

The admins do some pretty cool work and I have not felt the need yet to search for something else.

Also the demo servers are always full, as stated.

However, seeing that <=1000 players are online (at the lfs site) is pretty sad, although I didn't have S2 before Nov 2011 to compare. It's also a pretty hard game, it is not for everyone and surely it cannot have the popularity as e.g. Gran Turismo.
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That's because it's not as EASY as Gran Turismo
back in 2007 I remember scrolling throught the server list to find servers with less then 10 players on it, and that was before the S1/S2 list and the Demo list were merged. Than again server had 24(?) driver slots max.
Which was before Iracing was launched.

Same year as Forza Motorsport 2 on Xbox360 and the release of the Playstation 3.

Catch my drift? Same pool of players, more choice.


Where is everyone
(39 posts, started )