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LFSCART Light Series 2012: Round 2 Confirmations
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LFSCART Light Series 2012: Round 2 Confirmations
Please confirm your team rosters for this race in this thread. You have until 15:20 UTC on Sunday, 18 March to confirm to the race.

It is preferred that only a team manager or vice-manager perform this task, but individual drivers may do so.

Please follow this format:

Quote :teamName,number,username,driver name,country

*The comma (,) MUST seperate each field! Do not follow the comma (,) with a space! *

This will be Standard Operating Procedure for each round of this series - all rounds will be run with the tracker operational for ease of making results, etc. This WILL NOT mean that you may rejoin after a timeout - that is still prohibited.
Lublin Racing Team,13,patryk_dk,Patryk Koltowski,Poland
Ping Timeout,28,Kid222,Zdeněk Cagaš,Czech Republic
Ping Timeout,64,FlameCZE,Martin Kapal,Czech Republic
Western Wolves,08,suzuki94,Mathias Wentjärvi,Finland
My3id Gaming,18,IMOL,Tomek Nogieć,Poland
My3id Gaming,36,Kart-36,Joe Holmes,England
My3id Gaming,56,torpp1s,Joni Törmälä,Finland
^ Added Tomek
Mafia Racing,14,Pela74,Christian Crosa,Argentina
Mafia Racing,86,elpiojoso,Sergio Durelli,Argentina

Mafia Racing 2,11,gangsteer,Andrés Bertoni,Uruguay
Mafia Racing 2,80,gaston_ar44,Gaston Miño,Argentina
Angry Angus Racing,90,wody21,Zoltán Gácsi,Hungary
PLZ,58,malcomax,Max Norris,Italia
PLZ,57,ZyXEL,Edgars Pulins,Lettonia
PLZ,59,tralalala,Alan Dziuba,Polonia
Drunkteam,41,RoamerF1,Kasper Kontio,Finland
CoRe Racing,30,Zero_0,Luis Barbosa,Portugal
CoRe Racing,31,KaiqueBRA,Kaique Piropo,Brazil
CoRe Racing,32,andRo.,Andris Pavars,Latvia
CoRe Racing,33,DeadWolfBones,Ben Keough,USA

CoRe Racing 2,70,FL4SH-,Toni Lähteenmäki,Finland
CoRe Racing 2,71,MonkeyHead,Axel Falck,Finland
CoRe Racing 2,72,marakattimax,Teemu Suninen,Finland
CoRe Racing 2,73,ilbens,Ilari Juusela,Finland

Likely more to come.
Last Lap Motorsports 2,26,mariuszek22,Mariusz Jachna,Poland

UGR,78,kardisoitja,Laur Ammutaja,Estonia
UGR,79,ossu50,Keijo Ilu,Estonia

Genuine Racing,02,Drifters Only,Robbin Heijerman,Netherlands
Genuine Racing,04,DarknessPainF1,Joonas Koskinen,Finland

Genuine Racing 2,81,krkriv,Krasimir Ivanov,Bulgaria
Genuine Racing 2,82,bossforce,Virgil Mocanu,Romania
Sonicrealms Racing,60,rudolfa,Rudolf Rood,Netherlands

Sonicrealms Racing 2,48,Storm_cloud,Dave Southword,England
Sonicrealms Racing 2,49,aragorth,Krzysztof Łazowski,Poland
Sonicrealms Racing 2,50,Joku123,Sampsa Jurvansuu,Finland
Sonicrealms Racing 2,51,blb,Boris Mignien,France
TheReality Racing Team,96,Eclipsed,Ronalds Kronpušs,Latvia
SAVAGE SimSports,44,deCesaris,Juho Räsänen,Finland
SAVAGE SimSports,66,manneF1, Oskari Rinne, Finland
SAVAGE SimSports,55,TypeRacing,Karl Raudsepp,Estonia

LFSCART Light Series 2012: Round 2 Confirmations
(17 posts, started )