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LFS Dedicated Server Error?
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LFS Dedicated Server Error?
Hi, I have downloaded the Live For Speed 0.6B dedicated server files, I have set it up right to my knowledge, but when I go to try to connect on my main computer it says Connect Timed Out. Is their anyway to fix this? I have even port forwarded the ports.
I am no expert in home hosting but if you are running a lfs dedi on one machine and try to connect with another machine, your client presumably wants to connect to your internet IP address instead of your internal LAN address..

And most routers do not like that... Get very confused...

If you want to know if the dedi is correctly configured you need somebody else 'from the outside' to test. I think.

How to connect internally, I do not know.

It's possible to define an internal IP address in the config though. But hmm..

Yeah, try that
So your saying I need to make sure my internet ip is forwarded some how?
Check my edit...

define internal IP address of the machine in LFS dedi config.

Not sure if that is the solution but it sounds logical to me.
which one?
I already have the internal IP set in my config. That is if your talking about the one that starts with 192.....
What cargame is trying to say is that when you're connecting to your dedicated server from the machine it's running on, you should connect to it using either your PC's internal IP or localhost IP (
You can do that in LFS by picking Join specific server option in Multiplayer menu.
Okay I understand that but how can I test it to make sure other people can connect?
To be absolutely sure everything works it's best to ask someone else to connect to your server.
Ok thanks
Okay thanks, but one more question. For some reason my server is not showing up on the master server. How can I fix this?
Most likely there is no working communication at all to the outside world.

What does netstat -a say on the machine you run this dedi server on?

Did you read the wiki?
How do I?
How do I use that command? Yeah I read the whole thing, but what part of that guide do I need to re read?
Windows start -> Run -> cmd

Dosbox screen .. -> netstat -a

It tells you what ports have established connections or just listening.

You have a LAN IP address in this range;

Quote :LFS only accepts LAN IPs in the RFC1918 range - (10/8) - (172.16/12) - (192.168/16)

and also defined in the cfg with /ip= ?
Okay thanks...
Okay thanks I will let you know what it says. If the that commands says I have no open connections, how do I fix it to where people can connect? Just change the ip?

LFS Dedicated Server Error?
(13 posts, started )