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All theese issues will be fixed to next round.

Thanks for comming back and good luck in the future. Result is up in a moment.
Airattack Rallycross Cup 2011 - Round 2 Results

1.Gabriel Tamm 10P
2.Ralph Purvins 8P
3.Jonathan Berglund 6P
4.Mikael Gelin 5P
5.Mikael Pettersson 4P
6.Sebastian Johansson 3P

1.Alexander Holmström 2P
2.Johan Klingstedt 1P
3.Adam Larsson
4.Emil Gustavsson
5.Robin Norling
6.Robin Johansson
7.Simen Backe (7 cars because of paper fail)

Championship Standings After Round 2/10
1.Gabriel Tamm 20P
2.Jonathan Berglund 11P
3.Mikael "Buster" Pettersson 10P
4.Johan Klingstedt 9P
5.Ralph Purvins 8P
6.Mikael Gelin 8P
7.Robin Johansson 4P
8.Sebastian Johansson 3P
9.Kevin Lepind 2P
10.Alexander Holmström 2P

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Team-Standings After Round 2/10
1.Team Estonia 22P (10)
2.Sillhink Performance 20P (7)
3.GelinRacingTeam 10P (7)
4.Airattack 10P (4)
5.Master Race Car 9P (8)
6.Turbo Piston Crew 3P (3)

Next Event: RallyXplosion - April 24th (Annoucements only)
Another race over, and this time i was covered with luck, other racers were veery faast
Quote from Muc :+1
and tnx For Nilsson who killed all my chances to get in semi already in first heat at T1

And BTW, Black Flag was given to me by Nilsson

Can't say anything else, that better luck next time ?
It was all cool,didnt expect me to go so high..

and yes,some decisions were horrible,that nilsson (or whatever) guy just crashed 3 guys with his lags and got nothing,then,KLepind accidently spins a guy and gets DQ..
btw,wasnt 1round winner Kevin?
I was 2nd at Round1 and Round2 got DQ from 1st place (done Joker-lap also).

Anyway, thanks guys for supporting me
Quote from sjava :btw,wasnt 1round winner Kevin?

I accidently wrote Kevin as Round 1 winner even though it was Gabriel. i changed it as i saw it.
It's now open to register to the third round of the years. Only registered drivers will be allowed to drive. PM or E-Mail me your name and country and you are in. As simple as that.

See you.
Dont forget to register to round 3. Ten days to go before it gets going. Only registered drivers are in the event.
Hello. Round three is us by. Finally Gabriel Tamm's 100% record was broken. This time one-time stand-in Jimmy Kujanpää (Winner in 2010) won for the second year running. Gelin was the best of the title fighters in second.

1.Jimmy Kujanpää
2.Mikael Gelin
3.Johan Klingstedt
4.Alexander Holmström
5.Robin Johansson
6.Tommi Mäkinen
7.Gabriel Tamm
8.Jonathan Berglund

Championship Standings After Round 3/10
1.Gabriel Tamm 22P
2.Mikael Gelin 16P
3.Johan Klingstedt 15P
4.Jonathan Berglund 12P
5.Jimmy Kujanpää 10P
6.Mikael "Buster" Pettersson 10P
7.Robin Johansson 8P
8.Ralph Purvins 8P
9.Alexander Holmström 7P
10.Sebastian Johansson 3P

Team-Standings After Round 3/10
1.Sillhink Performance 30P (10)
2.Team Estonia 24P (2)
3.GelinRacingTeam 23P (13)
4.Furious George 10P (10)
5.Airattack 10P (0)
6.Master Race Car 9P (0)
7.Turbo Piston Crew 3P (0)

Next Event: BL2 - XRT FXO - May 1st
On Sunday Round 4 kicks off. Here are some information.

Time: 20:00 UTC
Server: Not sure yet. But probably GRT if i get it to work.
Semi-Final mode: Yes
Line-Start: Yes
Joker-Lap: Yes
Added stuff on the track for more exitement: Yes

See you there.
Tonights race will be at [GRT] Rallycross. Below are the times for the start.

Sweden/Central Europe - 21:00
Finland/Estonia - 22:00

Hello racers. Here are Round 4 results.

Emil Gustafsson 10P
Alexander Godokken 8P
3.Gabriel Tamm 6P
4.Jonathan Berglund 5P
5.Alexander Holmström (Retired) 4P
6.Robin Johansson (Black-Flag) 3P

1.Joakim Stenström 2P
2.Heikki Koski-Lammi 1P
3.Mikael Gelin
4.Tommi Mäkinen
5.Johan Klingstedt (Retired)
6.Jimmy Kujanpää (Black-Flag)

Championship Standings After Round 4/10
1.Gabriel Tamm 28P
2.Jonathan Berglund 17P
3.Mikael Gelin 16P
4.Johan Klingstedt 15P
5.Alexander Holmström 11P
6.Robin Johansson 11P
7.Emil Gustafsson 10P
8.Mikael "Buster" Pettersson 10P
9.Jimmy Kujanpää 10P
10.Ralph Purvins 8P

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Team-Standings After Round 4/10
1.Sillhink Performance 45P (15)
2.Team Estonia 30P (6)
3.GelinRacingTeam 27P (4)
4.Furious George 12P (2)
7.Turbo Piston Crew 11P (8)
5.Airattack 10P (0)
6.Master Race Car 9P (0)

Next Event: FE5 - RB4 - June 19th
On sunday Round 5 kicks off. The start time is as usual the same. The server is [GRT] Rallycross. This is the last event before the 2 month summer break. So dont miss it!
Dont forget the race tonight! 19:00 UTC and 21:00 CET.
Hello racers! We are halfway through the 2011 season and today many of the best drivers joined the event. 20 drivers tooked part in an long and rough event. Jimmy Kujanpää came out as the winner, while champ leader Tamm had no luck grabbing only 1 point.


1.Jimmy Kujanpää 10P
2.Emil Gustafsson 8P
3.Tony Rolfsson 6P
4.Mikael Gelin 5P
5.Niklas Eriksson 4P
6.Joakim Blixt 3P

1.Mikael Gelin
2.Jonathan Berglund 2P
3.Gabriel Tamm 1P
4.Alexander Holmström (Retired)
5.Philip Lund (Black)
6.Alexander Eriksson (Black)

1.Jonathan Berglund
2.Joakim Stenström
3.Jens Ask
4.Heiki Koski-Lammi (Retired)
5.Philip Eriksson (Retired)
6.Robin Norling (Black)

Championship Standings After Round 5/10
1.Gabriel Tamm 29P
2.Mikael Gelin 21P
3.Jimmy Kujanpää 20P
4.Jonathan Berglund 19P
5.Emil Gustafsson 18P
6.Johan Klingstedt 15P
7.Alexander Holmström 11P
8.Robin Johansson 11P
9.Mikael "Buster" Pettersson 10P
10.Ralph Purvins 8P

(Rest is saved in a document)

Team-Standings After Round 5/10
1.Sillhink Performance 57P (12)
2.Team Estonia 31P (1)
3.GelinRacingTeam 32P (5)
4.Furious George 22P (10)
7.Turbo Piston Crew 11P (0)
5.Airattack 10P (0)
6.Master Race Car 9P (0)

Next event: 6.BL2R - XRT FXO - August 20th

See you!
On Saturday the summer-break is finally over! The new server we'll use will be posted here around 10 hours before the start. Hope to see you all there!
Round 6 has passed us by! This event we tryed out a new sort of "track" and it worked well. Many rolls, crashes, bumps, passes and black-flags but in the end the right winner won. Markus Kujanpää won ahead of a charging Johan Klingstedt, and a superb 3rd for a firt-timer Paulsen (Please comment your first-name). The top 2 of the championship, Gabriel Tamm and Mikael Gelin both battled out in B-Final after horrible Semi-Finals. Tamm taking 2nd and 1 championship point.


1.Markus Kujanpää 10P
2.Johan Klingstedt 8P
3.Thomas Paulsen 6P
4.Jimmy Kujanpää 5P
5.Janno Ligur 4P
6.Jonathan Berglund 3P

1.Rasmus Annander 2P
2.Gabriel Tamm 1P
3.Mikael Gelin
4.Eetu Marjamäki (Retired)
5.Jens Ask (Retired)
6.Tommi Mäkinen (Did not attend)

Standing after Round 6/10
1.Gabriel Tamm 30P
2.Jimmy Kujanpää 25P
3.Johan Klingstedt 23P
4.Jonathan Berglund 22P
5.Mikael Gelin 21P
5.Emil Gustafsson 18P
8.Robin Johansson 11P
7.Alexander Holmström 11P
Markus Kujanpää 10
10.Mikael "Buster" Pettersson 10P

Team-Championship after Round 6/10
1.Sillhink Performance 68P (11)
2.Team Estonia 36P (5)
3.GelinRacingTeam 32P
4.Furious George 27P (5)
7.Turbo Piston Crew 11P
5.Airattack 10P
6.Master Race Car 9P

Next Event: 7.BL2R - XFG XRG - September 24th

See you!
AARC Round 7 CANCELLED! The crew wont be having any internet the date for the event. And for 2 weeks on, so the event is moved on to October month. The date will come up when things are in place.


Airattack Rallycross Cup moves to Dennmark!

After Gelin's longtime trouble with keeping AARC alive, it finally found some light in the tunnle. Danish superstar Thomas Poulsen has now taken over the cup, for the rest of the year. We caught up with the 17 year old for a short interview about he's new "job".

How are you feeling about this all? After all, it’s much work?
-Well, of course there is much work to do and it’s not easy but I know it goes for a good reason. The AARC event is one of the best LFS events I ever have been on, and I will never let it go down! I love events and I love rally and rallycross so this is just my style! (and it’s not that much work .. only 1 day by fight the router to get the server running and 1 day by planning the events and then some hours to build layouts for the tracks)

Gelin has runned this cup problemless over 3 seasons. How do you feel about the pressure?
- I don’t think that I feel any pressure by doing the event, even throw that Gelin have runned this cup problemless over 3 seasons. Course I know that the people at AARC are very kindly, and will help me if I make a fail.

Are you a hard judger?
- No, that would be a shame to say that! I’m a one that ALWAYS gives a warning before punishment! (But in extreme cases ex. Full speed ram I’m not that easy) and if someone think that’s he/she gets a wrong punishment I will take a look at the replay!

Who are you? Do you race IRL?
- I’m a 17 years old guy that’s lives on a farm in Denmark, and are a freak in cars and car games! I have owned my own cars sins I was 10 (have 5 now)!
And of course I drive in real life, I drive folkrace at Danish tracks. ( if you want to see for yourself) !
And just so you don’t forget it then I was a “first-timer” at last event

Gelin will make a comeback under 2012 some time. Do you see yourself running the cup even though he is back?
I will NEVER see myself as an owner of the event but a pre-owner together whit Gelin! Gelin is the man behind this event and he has made a really hard work by set it all up and gets it running! I am nothing compared to him ... and what we do when he come back, we will find out at that time!

However this is a long-term deal with AARC corporation Thomas keeps to himself. But what does the old owned, Gelin say about all this? We caught up with the Swede for the first official interview since the retirement.

You say you've stopped racing. Can you explain exacly what you mean?
- Well, since i dont have either time or a working computer, i decided to take a bit larger brake from the racing. I dont see why i wont come back but right now i dont even miss the racing.

But you have planned a comeback, havent you?
- That's correct. The 2-day event Vinter-Pokalen, wich is one of my favourite events, i want to drive. However it's possible or not, we'll see in the annoucement list later this year.

How about Thomas then? Can he handle the job?
- I think anyone can if they have the interest and knows how it works. Thomas is very well interested and he has done he's homework to make this a success.

So, when you decide you are back. Will we see the old Gelin? The bad looser and horrible winner?
*Big laugh* Yes for sure! I hate loosing and i love winning. When i come back i will sureley win AARC.

So with the future bright for AARC again. The rest of the 2011 season will be posted tomorrow night. With only about 9 days to go for the next race. Thomas will by then be the boss and Gelin nothing to do with the cup. This forum will not be uppdated no more. To follow the BRAND NEW AARC go to Facebook, and like Airattack Rallycross Cup over there!

In the mean time, take care!