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Anyone actually using Lapper on Linux?
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Poll : Do you run Lapper on Linux?

WTF is Linux? Windows is my thing
Yep, I'm running Lapper on Linux
#1 - Krayy
Anyone actually using Lapper on Linux?
Hi guys,

I'm just doing a quick poll to see if there's anyone out there running Lapper on a Linux host as their platform of choice. This is just to determine ongoing demand for this functionality as some of the later .NET functions or resource DLLs might not be available in Mono.

So let us know what you're running.
Or LFSLapper can run on VPS Linux?

I use it on Linux platform and Some friends too on dedicated host. On 500 servers also.

It's very important that LFSLapper continue to work on windows and Linux.

If you plan to add graphic interface you can do it using remote control on LFSLapper wich i never finished but coded in part (Connection via TCP, LFSLapper is a server and graphic interface is the client).

Please don't change this!

Take a look at LaperServer.cs source ( it is used by console, local connection but it can be connected remotly on other computer )

Take a look at the zip file for a begin of graphic client

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#4 - Krayy
I've been in touch with the admins of 500servers about how they use Lapper and it will remain a console app. I've been looking at using the TCP stack for remote control, so this addon looks like a fantastic starting point.

Thanks for that one...

BTW, I've checked the compatability of the additional resource dlls that I'm looking at using and the are fully compatible with Mono, so Linux will still be a target platform.
Sound Great :-)


Anyone actually using Lapper on Linux?
(5 posts, started )