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PHPInSimMod - PRISM 0.4.2 Discussion
You can download PHPInSimMod - PRISM 0.4.2 from that link. Please use this thread to talk about this release.

Thank you.

PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.2
  • Version changed to 0.4.2
  • Added timeToString & timeToStr functions.
  • Changes to this file allow for the `prism exit` command be used to restart, it also will automaticly restart PRISM in the event of a crash.
  • Fixed an error where the Player class functions would check Flags and not the correct PType property.
  • Removed module prism_state, as it was no longer used by any part of prism. Everything has already been moved over to the current State Handler.
  • Updated CRON to reflect up coming changes (Thanks filur).
  • Updated to current version of LVS.
ISP_PLL Problem with plugin

I need some help with my first PRISM Plugin.

The following function is registered with ISP_PLL.
But i can't get the UName from the packet.

I think this is, because the statehandler has unset the player before, but i'm not sure.
Is there a solution to get the username, without having my own clients and players list in the plugin?

public function onPLLpacket($PLL) {
print_r('PLL received!!!');
$UName = $this->getClientByPLID($PLL->PLID)->UName;

Trying to get property of non-object in C:\LFS\PRISM\plugins\myplugin.php
on line 71
1 :: onPLLpacket in C:\LFS\PRISM\modules\prism_plugins.php:156
2 :: dispatchPacket in C:\LFS\PRISM\modules\prism_hosts.php:440
3 :: handlePacket in C:\LFS\PRISM\modules\prism_hosts.php:323
4 :: checkTraffic in C:\LFS\PRISM\PHPInSimMod.php:228

Ciao... paXton
IS_PLL simply does not contain UName

You need to build an array to track all players joining a race (NPL). Searching the array with help of PLID when you receive a PLL to find the correct UName.

And cleaning the array after that.
No, he is right. I have to change the order that client leave messages are processed within the packet handler module, so that the leave packets are sent to the state module last, so they are still on the list should a plugin (like his is) asks for information from the getUserByPLID native.

I'm aware of the bug, It's just a not a 'known' public bug until now.

Merging with the main topic.

Also, if you could report this on GitHub I'll keep it in mind for the next version.
I seem to be having issues with this:

$host = $this->hosts[$hostId];

if ($host->isRelay())

says undefined index, and I am assuming that isRelay isn't working because of this. :3
Where is this code? Is it in a plugin? Also, is the value of $hostId correct?

I've accepted the 2 pull requests by paXton, and I'm working on fixing the bug he reported here. If I do find a solution today, expect a new version of PRISM by tonight.

While I am at it, there is a known Bug with PHP 5.4.0 Beta 1, that reports the following, and has a fatal on the other.

C:\Users\Dygear\PRISM>php PHPInSimMod.php

Strict Standards: Declaration of IR_HOS::unpack() should be compatible with that of Struct::unpack() in C:\Users\Dygear\PRISM\mo
dules\prism_packets.php on line 2853

Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _GET in C:\Users\Dygear\PRISM\modules\prism_phpparser.php on line 15

As right now, PHP 5.4 is still in beta, we are not going to work to actively fix these bugs, unless these problems persist into the Release Candidate. I'm also reporting these to the PHP dev team as bugs.

Ok. I've fixed the bug as reported by paXton with the State Handler clearing the client or player data before the plugin has had a chance to handle it. I'm going to submit this to github very soon, so that you can test this out. I've also added 3 packets in total that will be reported to the plugins before they are reported to the state handler. These packets are IS_PLL (Player Leave), CNL (Connection Leave) and CPR (Connection Player Rename). The last one is there so you can find both their old name from the state handler, and their new name from the packet. If you can think of any other packets that you would like to see handled in the same way, let me know.
Nice to see you are working on PRISM, Dygear.
Slowly i get used to PRISM, and getting some ideas for new plugins.

Some days before, i did some work on handling ISP_TOC, because needed it my self. My code seems to work for me, but i'm not sure if it is state of the art for PRSIM.
Nevertheless, I'm still not very familiar with git/Github, so i post it here. Perhaps it helps you.

 * PHPInSimMod - State Module
 * @package PRISM
 * @subpackage State
 * @subpackage Users
 * @subpackage Clients
 * @subpackage Players

class StateHandler extends PropertyMaster
// Intrinsic Handles
protected $handles = array
# State handles
#        ISP_ISI => 'onInSimInit',            # To Do. (1)
ISP_VER => 'onVersion',                # To Do. (2)
ISP_TINY => 'onTiny',                # To Do. (3)
ISP_SMALL => 'onSmall',                # To Do. (4)
ISP_STA => 'onStateChange',            # To Do. (5)
ISP_CPP => 'onCameraPosisionChange',# To Do. (9)
ISP_ISM => 'onMultiPlayerStart',    # To Do. (10)
ISP_RST => 'onRaceStart',            # To Do. (17)
ISP_REO => 'onReorder',                # To Do. (36)
ISP_NLP => 'onNodeLapPlayer',        # To Do. (37)
ISP_MCI => 'onMultiCarInfo',        # To Do. (38)
ISP_AXI => 'onAutoXInfo',            # To Do. (43)
ISP_RIP => 'onReplayInformation',    # To Do. (48)
        # Client handles
ISP_NCN => 'onClientJoin',            # To Do. (18)
ISP_CNL => 'onClientLeave',            # To Do. (19)
ISP_CPR => 'onClientRename',        # To Do. (20)
        # Player handles
ISP_NPL => 'onPlayerJoin',            # To Do. (21)
ISP_PLP => 'onPlayerPits',            # To Do. (22)
ISP_PLL => 'onPlayerLeave',            # To Do. (23)
ISP_TOC => 'onPlayerTakeOverCar',    # 31
ISP_FIN => 'onPlayerFinished',        # To Do. (34)
ISP_RES => 'onPlayerResult',        # To Do. (35)
        # Buttons
ISP_BFN => 'onButtonFunction',
ISP_BTC => 'onButtonClick',
ISP_BTT => 'onButtonText',
# Some generilized Layout management (?)

    public function 
dispatchPacket(Struct $Packet)
        if (isset(
$handle $this->handles[$Packet->Type];
// Extrinsic Properties
public $clients = array();
$players = array();    # By design there is one here and a refrence to this in the $this->clients->players array.

    // Constructor
public function __construct()
# Send out some info requests
$ISP IS_TINY()->ReqI(1);
// Request every bit of information we can get.
        // This becomes our baseline that we use and update as needed.
        # Get the most about of information as fast as we can.
$ISP->SubT(TINY_ISM)->Send();    # Get Multiplayer Info (ISP_ISM)
        # Get information on the clients & players, and their current race state.
        # These are redundant because of the above request for an ISM packet.
        # They must remain in order to avoid an error state in some plugins.
$ISP->SubT(TINY_NCN)->Send();    # get all connections (ISP_NCN)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_NPL)->Send();    # get all players (ISP_NPL)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_RES)->Send();    # get all results (ISP_RES)
        # Get information on everything else about the state.
$ISP->SubT(TINY_GTH)->Send();    # Get Time in Hundredths (SMALL_RTP)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_SCP)->Send();    # Send Camera Pos (ISP_CPP)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_SST)->Send();    # Send STate info (ISP_STA)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_REO)->Send();    # send an IS_REO (ISP_REO)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_RST)->Send();    # send an IS_RST (ISP_RST)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_AXI)->Send();    # send an IS_AXI - AutoX Info (ISP_AXI)

if (!$PRISM->hosts->getHostById()->isRelay())
$ISP->SubT(TINY_NLP)->Send();    # send an IS_NLP (ISP_NLP)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_MCI)->Send();    # send an IS_MCI (ISP_MCI)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_RIP)->Send();    # send an IS_RIP - Replay Information Packet (ISP_RIP)

// Intrinsic Properties & Handlers
public function packetHandler(Struct $Packet)
$handler &= $this->handles[$Packet->Type];
        if (isset(


# IS_TINY (3)
public function onTiny(IS_TINY $TINY)
// To Do.
# IS_SMALL (4)
public function onSmall(IS_SMALL $SMALL)
// To Do.

# IS_VER (2)
protected $Version;    # LFS version, e.g. 0.3G
protected $Product;    # Product : DEMO or S1
protected $InSimVer;    # InSim Version : increased when InSim packets change
public function onVersion(IS_VER $VER)
$this->Version $VER->Version;
$this->Product $VER->Product;
$this->InSimVer $VER->InSimVer;

# IS_STA (5)
protected $ReplaySpeed;    # 1.0 is normal speed
    /** This was renamed from Flags to State as to not conflict with other Flags */
protected $State;            # ISS state flags
protected $InGameCam;        # Which type of camera is selected (see below)
protected $ViewPLID;        # Unique ID of viewed player (0 = none)
protected $NumP;            # Number of players in race
protected $NumConns;        # Number of connections including host
protected $NumFinished;    # Number finished or qualified
protected $RaceInProg;    # 0 - No race / 1 - Race / 2 - Qualifying
protected $QualMins;
$Track;            # Short name for track e.g. FE2R
protected $Weather;        # 0, 1 or 2.
protected $Wind;            # 0 = Off 1 = Weak 2 = Strong
public function onStateChange(IS_STA $STA)
$this->ReplaySpeed $STA->ReplaySpeed;
$this->State $STA->Flags;
$this->InGameCam $STA->InGameCam;
$this->ViewPLID $STA->ViewPLID;
$this->NumP $STA->NumP;
$this->NumConns $STA->NumConns;
$this->NumFinished $STA->NumFinished;
$this->RaceInProg $STA->RaceInProg;
$this->QualMins $STA->QualMins;
$this->RaceLaps $STA->RaceLaps;
$this->Track $STA->Track;
$this->Weather $STA->Weather;
$this->Wind $STA->Wind;

# IS_CPP (9)
protected $Pos;            # Position vector
protected $Heading;        # heading - 0 points along Y axis
protected $Pitch;            # pitch   - 0 means looking at horizon
protected $Roll;            # roll    - 0 means no roll
protected $FOV;            # FOV in degrees
protected $Time;            # Time to get there (0 means instant + reset)
public function onCameraPosisionChange(IS_CPP $CPP)
$this->Pos $CPP->Pos;
$this->Heading $CPP->H;
$this->Pitch $CPP->P;
$this->Roll $CPP->R;
$this->ViewPLID $CPP->ViewPLID;
$this->InGameCam $CPP->InGameCam;
$this->FOV $CPP->FOV;
$this->Time $CPP->Time;
$this->State $CPP->Flags;

# IS_ISM (10)
public $Host;            # 0 = guest / 1 = host
public $HName;            # The name of the host joined or started.
public function onMultiPlayerStart(IS_ISM $ISM)
$this->Host $ISM->Host;
$this->HName $ISM->HName;

# Send out some info requests, to make sure we have all of the baseline information.
$ISP IS_TINY()->ReqI(1);
$ISP->SubT(TINY_NCN)->Send();    # get all connections (ISP_NCN)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_NPL)->Send();    # get all players (ISP_NPL)
$ISP->SubT(TINY_RES)->Send();    # get all results (ISP_RES)


# IS_RST (17)
public $Flags;            // race flags (must pit, can reset, etc)
public $NumNodes;        // total number of nodes in the path
public $Finish;            // node index - finish line
public $Split1;            // node index - split 1
public $Split2;            // node index - split 2
public $Split3;            // node index - split 3
public function onRaceStart(IS_RST $RST)
$this->RaceLaps $RST->RaceLaps;
$this->QualMins $RST->QualMins;
$this->NumP $RST->NumP;
$this->Track $RST->Track;
$this->Weather $RST->Weather;
$this->Wind $RST->Wind;
$this->Flags $RST->Flags;
$this->NumNodes $RST->NumNodes;
$this->Finish $RST->Finish;
$this->Split1 $RST->Split1;
$this->Split2 $RST->Split2;
$this->Split3 $RST->Split3;

# IS_REO (36)
public function onReorder(IS_REO $REO)
$this->NumP $REO->NumP;
$this->PLID $REO->PLID;

# IS_NLP (37)
protected $Info;    # Car Info For Each Player.
public function onNodeLapPlayer(IS_NLP $NLP)
$this->NumP $NLP->NumP;
$this->Info $NLP->Info;

# IS_MCI (38)
protected $NumC;    # Number of valid CompCar structs in this packet.
public function onMultiCarInfo(IS_MCI $MCI)
$this->NumC $MCI->NumC;
$this->Info $MCI->Info;

# IS_AXI (43)
protected $AXStart;    # Autocross start position
protected $NumCP;        # Number of checkpoints
protected $NumO;        # Number of objects
protected $LName;        # The name of the layout last loaded (if loaded locally)
public function onAutoXInfo(IS_AXI $AXI)
$this->AXStart $AXI->AXStart;
$this->NumCP $AXI->NumCP;
$this->NumO $AXI->NumO;
$this->LName $AXI->LName;

# IS_RIP (48)
protected $Error;        # 0 or 1 = OK / other values are listed below
protected $MPR;        # 0 = SPR / 1 = MPR
protected $Paused;    # Request : pause on arrival / reply : paused state
protected $Options;    # Various options - see below
protected $CTime;        # (hundredths) request : destination / reply : position
protected $TTime;        # (hundredths) request : zero / reply : replay length
protected $RName;        # zero or replay name - last byte must be zero
public function onReplayInformation(IS_RIP $RIP)
$this->Error $RIP->Error;
$this->MPR $RIP->MPR;
$this->Paused $RIP->Paused;
$this->Options $RIP->Options;
$this->CTime $RIP->CTime;
$this->TTime $RIP->TTime;
$this->RName $RIP->RName;

// Client handles
    # IS_NCN (18)
public function onClientJoin(IS_NCN $NCN)
$this->clients[$NCN->UCID] = new ClientHandler($NCN);
# IS_CNL (19)
public function onClientLeave(IS_CNL $CNL)
# IS_CPR (20)
public function onClientRename(IS_CPR $CPR)
# IS_TOC (31)
public function onPlayerTakeOverCar(IS_TOC $TOC)

// Player handles
    # IS_NPL (21)
public function onPlayerJoin(IS_NPL $NPL)
$this->players[$NPL->PLID] = new PlayerHandler($NPL);
$this->clients[$NPL->UCID]->players[$NPL->PLID] = &$this->players[$NPL->PLID];
# IS_PLP (22)
public function onPlayerPits(IS_PLP $PLP)
# IS_PLL (23)
public function onPlayerLeave(IS_PLL $PLL)
$this->players[$PLL->PLID]); # Should unset it everywhere.
# IS_FIN (34)
public function onPlayerFinished(IS_FIN $FIN)
console(__METHOD__.'(To Do)');
# IS_RES (35)
public function onPlayerResult(IS_RES $RES)
console(__METHOD__.'(To Do)');
// Button handles
    # IS_BFN
public function onButtonFunction(IS_BFN $BFN)
        if (
// forget about these buttons in the buttonmanager as they were removed on client side
        else if (
$BFN->SubT == BFN_REQUEST && method_exists($this'onButtonRequest'))
// ?? send to plugins somehow...
    public function 
onButtonClick(IS_BTC $BTC)
    public function 
onButtonText(IS_BTT $BTT)

ClientHandler extends PropertyMaster
    public static 
$handles = array
ISP_NCN => '__construct',    # 18
ISP_CNL => 'onLeave',        # 19
ISP_CPR => 'onRename',        # 20
$players = array();

// Baiscly the IS_NCN Struct.
protected $UCID;            # Connection's Unique ID (0 = Host)
protected $UName;            # UserName
protected $PName;            # PlayerName
protected $Admin;            # TRUE If Client is Admin.
protected $Total;            # Number of Connections Including Host
protected $Flags;            # 2 If Client is Remote

    // Construct
public function __construct(IS_NCN $NCN)
$this->UCID $NCN->UCID# Where this is 0, client should be given the ADMIN_SERVER permission level.
$this->UName $NCN->UName;
$this->PName $NCN->PName;
$this->Admin $NCN->Admin;    # Where this is 1, client should be given the ADMIN_ADMIN permission level.
$this->Total $NCN->Total;
$this->Flags $NCN->Flags;

        if (
$this->UCID == 0)
$PRISM->admins->addAccount('*'.$PRISM->hosts->getCurrentHost(), ''ADMIN_SERVER$PRISM->hosts->getCurrentHost(), FALSE);
        else if (
$this->Admin == TRUE)
$PRISM->admins->addAccount($this->UName''ADMIN_ADMIN$PRISM->hosts->getCurrentHost(), FALSE);
$this->PRISM = ($PRISM->admins->adminExists($NCN->UName)) ? $PRISM->admins->getAdminInfo($NCN->UName) : FALSE;

    public function 
onRename(IS_CPR $CPR)
$this->PName $CPR->PName;
$this->Plate $CPR->Plate;
// Is
public function isAdmin(){ return ($this->isLFSAdmin() || $this->isPRISMAdmin) ? TRUE FALSE; }
    public function 
isLFSAdmin(){ return ($this->UCID == || $this->Admin == 1) ? TRUE FALSE; }
    public function 
isPRISMAdmin(){ return !!$this->PRISM; }
    public function 
isRemote(){ return ($this->Flags == 2) ? TRUE FALSE; }
    public function 
getAccessFlags(){ return $this->PRISM['accessFlags']; }
    public function 
getConnection(){ return $this->PRISM['connection']; }
    public function 
isTemporary(){ return $this->PRISM['temporary']; }

PlayerHandler extends PropertyMaster
    public static 
$handles = array(
#        ISP_NPL => '__construct',
ISP_PLL => 'onPlayerLeave',            # To Do.
ISP_PLP => 'onPlayerPits',            # To Do.
ISP_FIN => 'onPlayerFinished',        # To Do.
ISP_RES => 'onPlayerResult',        # To Do.
ISP_TOC => 'onTakeOverCar',            # 31

// Basicly the IS_NPL Struct.
protected $UCID;            # Connection's Unique ID
protected $PType;            # Bit 0 : female / bit 1 : AI / bit 2 : remote
protected $Flags;            # Player flags
protected $PName;            # Nickname
protected $Plate;            # Number plate - NO ZERO AT END!
protected $CName;            # Car name
protected $SName;            # Skin name - MAX_CAR_TEX_NAME
protected $Tyres;            # Compounds
protected $HMass;            # Added mass (kg)
protected $HTRes;            # Intake restriction
protected $Model;            # Driver model
protected $Pass;            # Passengers byte
protected $SetF;            # Setup flags (see below)
protected $NumP;            # Number in race (same when leaving pits, 1 more if new)
    # Addon informaiton
public $inPits;            # For when a player is in our list, but not on track this is TRUE.

    // Constructor
public function __construct(IS_NPL $NPL)
$this->UCID $NPL->UCID;
$this->PType $NPL->PType;
$this->Flags $NPL->Flags;
$this->PName $NPL->PName;
$this->Plate $NPL->Plate;
$this->CName $NPL->CName;
$this->SName $NPL->SName;
$this->Tyres $NPL->Tyres;
$this->HMass $NPL->H_Mass;
$this->HTRes $NPL->H_TRes;
$this->Model $NPL->Model;
$this->Pass $NPL->Pass;
$this->SetF $NPL->SetF;
$this->NumP $NPL->NumP;
$this->inPits FALSE;

    public function 
onPitGarage(IS_PLP $PLP)
$this->inPits TRUE;

    public function 
onTakeOverCar(IS_TOC $TOC)
$this->UCID $TOC->NewUCID;
$this->PName $PRISM->hosts->getStateById()->clients[$TOC->NewUCID]->PName;
// Logic
public function isFemale(){ return ($this->PType 1) ? TRUE FALSE; }
    public function 
isAI(){ return ($this->PType 2) ? TRUE FALSE; }
    public function 
isRemote(){ return ($this->PType 4) ? TRUE FALSE; }
    public function &
isInPits(){ return $this->inPits; }

// Todo, this is going to be for the user targeting system.

 * Property Master allows for us the retreive read only properties on our classes.
abstract class PropertyMaster
    public function 
        return (isset(
$this->$property)) ? $this->$property $return NULL;


--- C:/LFS/Dygear-PRISM-e6ddb12/modules/prism_statehandler.php Sat Oct 08 05:15:48 2011
+++ C:/LFS/PRISM/modules/prism_statehandler.php Sun Oct 09 16:19:51 2011
@@ -31,11 +31,11 @@
ISP_NCN => 'onClientJoin', # To Do. (18)
ISP_CNL => 'onClientLeave', # To Do. (19)
ISP_CPR => 'onClientRename', # To Do. (20)
- ISP_TOC => 'onClientTakeOverCar', # To Do. (31)
# Player handles
ISP_NPL => 'onPlayerJoin', # To Do. (21)
ISP_PLP => 'onPlayerPits', # To Do. (22)
ISP_PLL => 'onPlayerLeave', # To Do. (23)
+ ISP_TOC => 'onPlayerTakeOverCar', # 31
ISP_FIN => 'onPlayerFinished', # To Do. (34)
ISP_RES => 'onPlayerResult', # To Do. (35)

@@ -287,9 +287,9 @@
# IS_TOC (31)
- public function onClientTakeOverCar(IS_TOC $TOC)
+ public function onPlayerTakeOverCar(IS_TOC $TOC)
- console(__METHOD__.'(To Do)');
+ $this->players[$TOC->PLID]->onTakeOverCar($TOC);

// Player handles
@@ -353,7 +353,6 @@
ISP_NCN => '__construct', # 18
ISP_CNL => 'onLeave', # 19
ISP_CPR => 'onRename', # 20
- ISP_TOC => 'onTakeOverCar', # 31
public $players = array();

@@ -408,6 +407,7 @@
ISP_PLP => 'onPlayerPits', # To Do.
ISP_FIN => 'onPlayerFinished', # To Do.
ISP_RES => 'onPlayerResult', # To Do.
+ ISP_TOC => 'onTakeOverCar', # 31

// Basicly the IS_NPL Struct.
@@ -453,6 +453,14 @@
$this->inPits = TRUE;

+ public function onTakeOverCar(IS_TOC $TOC)
+ {
+ global $PRISM;
+ $this->UCID = $TOC->NewUCID;
+ $this->PName = $PRISM->hosts->getStateById()->clients[$TOC->NewUCID]->PName;
+ }
// Logic
public function isFemale(){ return ($this->PType & 1) ? TRUE : FALSE; }
public function isAI(){ return ($this->PType & 2) ? TRUE : FALSE; }

The next week I haven't to work, so i plan some git/github training for me. 8)

Ciao... Pascal aka paXton
You could of submitted that to your repo as you have done before, and sent me a pull request. I would of merged it like the last few updates you've sent me.
Quote from Dygear :Where is this code? Is it in a plugin? Also, is the value of $hostId correct?

its in modules/prism_hosts.php Line 515-517
Quote from T3charmy :its in modules/prism_hosts.php Line 515-517

I'll have a look at it later, I'm going to sleep now. Just a note, I've never had that problem, so I don't really know what could be causing it. So if you can give me more information about the state of PRISM, and plugins running, the call stack trace that PRISM gives, that would be helpful.
Quote from Dygear :You could of submitted that to your repo as you have done before, and sent me a pull request. I would of merged it like the last few updates you've sent me.

After struggling with git, GitHub, two clients and some screencasts, I'm slowly getting better understanding...

I've submitted the file some minutes before and done a pull request.
For the patches before, I only used my browser on GitHub. *g*

Ciao... Pascal aka paXton
Quote from paXton :ok.
After struggling with git, GitHub, two clients and some screencasts, I'm slowly getting better understanding...

I've submitted the file some minutes before and done a pull request.
For the patches before, I only used my browser on GitHub. *g*

Ciao... Pascal aka paXton

I have it and it's merged. I'll work on a release before I leave for you. (In about an hour.)

Yeah, there is no way that I can release this in it's current shape.
Quote from Dygear :I'll have a look at it later, I'm going to sleep now. Just a note, I've never had that problem, so I don't really know what could be causing it. So if you can give me more information about the state of PRISM, and plugins running, the call stack trace that PRISM gives, that would be helpful.

I got a fresh install and it just started doing that :/
Ok. I'll keep an eye out for it. But please, once it happens again, post the call stack as reported by PRISM's error handler.
Quote from Dygear :Ok. I'll keep an eye out for it. But please, once it happens again, post the call stack as reported by PRISM's error handler.

it happens everytime for me, but for some reason, prism closes right after...
In that case, use this debug.bat script, and post the whole deb.log here. Also, if it closes right after, how do you know where the error is coming from?

@echo off
php -e PHPInSimMod.php %1 %2 > deb.log

Quote from Dygear :if it closes right after, how do you know where the error is coming from?

Alright... reinstalled PHP once again, and its working again... thanks anyways :P

Edit, alright well while updating my plugin, in the NCN packet, the clients name is all lowercase, but when you call getClientByPLID or the other related functions, it still returns their username in normal case... so, possible for you to make the ->UName lower case in the getClientByPLID related functions?
So a bad install of PHP was causing the error?

As far as UName, yes I can do that, it's a simple one line thing.
Quote from Dygear :So a bad install of PHP was causing the error?

Seems like it... not sure why... but oh well :P
#21 - PoVo
Not sure if this has been already reported, but I noticed a strange bug with the timer system in PRISM.

Here's how to reproduce the bug:

public function __construct()

Alright so as you see the first timer is 2 seconds long and the second one is 1 second long.

Now create a simple callback function for each timer with a simple:

print('nameTimer elapsed.');

name being the name of the timer - ui or logic in this case.

After running PRISM you will see that the 2 second timer stops after a few times elapsing.

Now flip the interval of the timers around to:

public function __construct()

And now try run PRISM. You will see that it will work just fine every time.

The timers seem to work perfectly when they are laid out in intervals from low to high in the construction function.

I'm not too sure if it's a bug or is supposed to happen, but it did get me confused until I figured it out
That's interesting, and not intended. At least, I'm pretty sure I did not make a concision decision for it to work that way. Cool that you found a work around for it tho.
I just wanted to say that something is very broken in the repo when used with PHP 5.4.0 RC1. I'm not sure what this is yet, I have fixed two bugs and cleaned up some of the code, but it produces a very strange error when using STDIN.

PHP :: Bug #60309 :: fread(STDIN, 1024) returns instantly.
Ok, it seems that laruence submitted a patch that now makes the code work in the snapshot version of PHP. So I've got a nightly version of PHP 5.5.0-dev and there is no such issue with the fread function in that version. So I hope we will see this fix in RC2 of the 5.4.0 branch.
I'm not really interested in PHP 5.4, 5.5 or 7.8.10 to be honest.

How is it going with LVS?

I get this when I load KY1.pth on KY1;

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/cargamenl/prism042/plugins/LVS.php on line 69
1 :: onTrack in /prism042/modules/prism_plugins.php:156
2 :: dispatchPacket in /prism042/modules/prism_hosts.php:440
3 :: handlePacket in /prism042/modules/prism_hosts.php:310
4 :: checkTraffic in /prism042/PRISM_ot.php:226


Indirect modification of overloaded property ClientHandler::$UName has no effect in /prism042/modules/prism_plugins.php on line 257
1 :: canUserAccessCommand in /prism042/modules/prism_plugins.php:213
2 :: handleCmd in /prism042/modules/prism_plugins.php:156
3 :: dispatchPacket in /prism042/modules/prism_hosts.php:440
4 :: handlePacket in /prism042/modules/prism_hosts.php:310
5 :: checkTraffic in /prism042/PRISM_ot.php:226

!prism lvs on doesnt seem to do anything as a result other then saying that it's on.