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Mouse cursor issues
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Mouse cursor issues

I've noticed so far only when playing in demo mode (but I assume this would happen to me in s2 mode also) that on occasions my mouse cursor either dissapears or becomes permanantly fixed in one position on the screen. I can still use it to click (however it's hard to find where it is - usually only to click "leave") and it moves fine but the cursor either isn't there or doesnt move with the actual mouse movement. (I play with a wheel)

Quitting LFS doesn't fix this either, when I've been playing and this has happened, if I quit LFS the problem is still there and I need to reboot to fix it. Unplugging/Replugging my USB mouse doesn't help the situation.

I haven't had this issue in the past - just wondering if anyone can shed some light on it as I'd rather not have to reboot to fix it and it's annoying not being able to change settings in pits etc when it happens without rebooting.
gday silencerrh,

you'd have a nvidia card of somekind right? 6600GT or similar? I had this problem many many months ago however it since disappeared by using the latest nvidia forcewear drivers.

however in the meantime, if this does happen ingame, i found a fix for it.

when it happens to you next, don't quit LFS!!! instead, press Shift F9, this is the hotkey to change resolution to 640x480 in LFS. the change of resolution is enough to get the cursor functioning back as it should be, and from there you can go back into the options and set your normal res again.

however to make things easier, go into OPTIONS to the "SCREEN" page, and configure the "key assign" For example, you can leave F9 as 640x480, but change the F10 one to your normal resolution.

that way when the problem happens again, all you have to do is press "Shift F9" then "Shift F10" directly after and it will be fixed and set at the right resolution again.

sorry there is no other fix i am aware of but i would recommend you try some newer nvidia drivers
6600GT Indeed.

Downloading newer drivers now

fixed - new nvidia drivers appear to have fixed the problem - and they have a funky looking new control panel! (don't know if I actually like this or not yet...)
i sure as hell didnt like it! but if it works...
I noticed you can switch it back - to me it just looks like they've done away with most of the options??

Mouse cursor issues
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