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use /press or similar for a joystick button
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use /press or similar for a joystick button
Hi guys.

Is it possible to use a command (like /press) to press a joystick button?

Reason i ask is because the logitech profiler does not see the shift stick and i need a way (not using joytokey) to assign shift up and down to 2 different buttons. The paddles and the stick.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the logitech profiler doesn't see the stick shifter. I guessing you mean you can't assign a macro in the logitech profiler using the stick shifter as events or something. I'm assuming that the LFS game can still recognise when you use the stick shifter and everything is working properly and you just want to make both the paddles and the stick shifter always control gears at anytime.

Not possible to assign a /press button command as far as I know. The available keys are in docs/Commands.txt
Quote :PARAMETERS for the key commands (press / shift / ctrl / alt) :
Letters A to Z
Numbers 0 to 9
F1 to F12
up, down, left, right
space, enter, esc, tab
less, more

There is several other ways to do what you want though.

Simple method: (edit-this doesn't work see next post)
In Options>Control Menu

Assign Ctrl+F1 /press A [on shifter down event]
Assign Ctrl+F2 /press Z [on shifter up event]
Assign Ctrl+F2 /press A [on paddle right event]
Assign Ctrl+F4 /press Z [on paddle left event]

Set LFS for Shift Up=A
Set LFS for Shift down=B
(Essentially making both the paddles and stick shifter complete a press of "A" or "Z" and that will in turn change the gears.)

Does this help?

I know you said, (not using Joy2Key) but you could if you wanted to do the same thing instead of using Ctrl+F1 etc commands in LFS. Just set the paddles and shifter to press "A" or "Z" in Joy2Key.

Another harder method:
Use GlovePie to write a script that forces a shifter button event when you press the paddle button.
hmm Strange. I tested this and it does not seem to work. You can't get a /press key command to activate a key you have assigned to a car control. You can activate fixed controls such as N-Names, but not user defined controls.

So you can't use my solution which logically should work, but LFS just ignores it. Sorry, you're going to have to use Joy2Key and set the shifter and paddles activate keys such as "A" and "Z" and set those as gear keys in game.

Any reason you don't want to use Joy2Key. Maybe there is something I can help with there. Getting it to auto start, or having issues making it detect controllers?
Well thanks for the attempt anyway.

Put simply, i use Joy2Key for other things and it pisses me off.
Especially since unplugging controllers and plugging them back in often reassigns the buttons to a different number.

Its such a simple thing, i cant believe the profiler from the manufacturer website is missing these 2 buttons.
Ok, here's some tips that might help you use Joy2Key to avoid those issues you have.

Create a different profile in Joy2Key for each different game you use. Use the Create button. When you do this and change to another game the next step will not cause trouble.

Set a higher number of joysticks to configure in the Others tab - depends how many controllers you have in total. Then go through each Joystick number and assign the G25 buttons that you want to use as shifters to each and every joystick Tab. That way, when you unplug/reconnect controllers it will not matter which joystick number the G25 set to. It will always work.

Notes: I have found you must quickly restart Joy2Key when you unplug/reconnect controllers. You must close Joy2Key to save changes to profiles.

use /press or similar for a joystick button
(5 posts, started )