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4 Monitors, what one would you choose?
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4 Monitors, what one would you choose?
#2 - hp999
The second one, mainly because it's nearly the same as others with the addition of speakers. It's pixel pitch seems to be bigger compared to the P2770FH though.
none of them theyre all tn rubbish
I'm open to suggestions then, keeping in the $300 - $500 range, and 24 Inches (60.96 cm) - 30 Inches (76.2 cm), don't care really about it being 16:9 or 16:10, but would prefer 16:10 (I got used to it). I'm going to be using it for Gaming (FPSes, Racing & MMO), Photoshop & Programming.
I'm not sure if you can squeeze this one into your budget, according to conversion rate you should...

HP ZR24w
(sorry, cannot link to a shop thanks to my frikkin' router).
Unlike those you found this one has a S-IPS matrix. I have a Dell 2209WA with a lesser E-IPS matrix and the image quality is far superior to any TN display I've seen. It has considerably wider view angles and the black is actually BLACK, not blue, violet or gray.
price to performance wise the u2311h is pretty much unbeatable right now
If you can live with having "just" 23" screen, then the U2311 looks like a bargain. To spare you few minutes of googling, the whole talk about TN matrices being bad is a bit of an exaggeration. It's not like all TN screens produce unbearably crappy image, if you already have an LCD panel, you probably have a TN one. Switching from a higher-end CRT to a middle-range TN LCD can feel like a needle sticked into your eye though.
Before you decide to spend the extra cash on a non-TN display, you should probably see the difference with your own eyes. The only major advantage even an unpretentious customer notices is the much better vertical view angle.

That being said, I have the first Dell screen that came with an E-IPS matrix and I'm sure I'll never get anything below that...
I went into the store around me to look at the screens and so far I was most impresssed by the HPs I've seen. They did not have any Dells, but I'll look around and see if I can find a place that stocks these ones you've posted here. I'm leaning toward the U2311H myself, it looks great and is Full HD at a pretty good price for an IPS display. The fact that I can VESA mount it is also a huge plus!
Yep, U2311 is a poor man's IPS but it's better than any TN unless you need/really want 120Hz. ZR24W and U2410 are quite a bit more expensive, but may be in your range as well. U2311 is a better bang-for-the-buck for sure though.
Wow, that U2410 is stunning, but the ZR24W is quite a bit cheaper in most case (around $100). You say 120 Hz @ it's native 1920 x 1200? Can you find a source for this, I would be quite interested in both of these if this is true and if it is true I would buy one or the other as for me it would be worth it!
Dell's higher-end monitors are great if you buy them when they have a special deal, which happens quite often. I bought U2410 for $480 when the regular price was $750. Now it's $600 and I've seen it go for $430.

For 120Hz, I think you misread what I said. Except for some Japanese very expensive model that came out only in Japan about a month or two ago, all 120Hz PC monitors are TN panels. So if that's something important to you, you don't have much choice: TN or nothing.
*Sigh* Ok. I've been reading some bad things about the dell you posted. Seems that there happens to be quite a few dithering problems with the display.
there are indeed although they are supposedly fixed in the newer models

the thing is however there are a lot of good 23" ips monitors available at around 200€ right now and going to 24" more than doubles the price atm
unless you absolutely need an adobe rgb monitor (or want 27") i dont see point in paying twice as much for 1 inch
The main differences between IPS and TN people are likely to notice are much better viewing angles and 8-bit colour. I'm not sure of any other cheap 23" ips, but with Dell U2311 you only get the first, it's a 6-bit panel like all other TNs, while, say, U2410 is a proper 8-bit. That's why I said it's a "poor man's" IPS, U2311 uses a-frc to achieve the effect of 8-bit, basically if it cannot show some colour, it will alternate between the two closest ones it can.

Also, the difference between 24 and 23 is a bit larger than it seems, because of the typically different aspect. Still though, I agree it's not worth it, but it's not as ridiculous a premium as it may sound at first (just one inch more...).
The biggest complaint was tinting that couldn't be fixed with controls because it was uneven over the screen so you could only fix one side. At the time there was no u2311 and other IPS panels <$1000 like HP 2475 had the same issues (they used the same panels...). Most people however didn't have such issues. Mine came with absolutely no visually detectable tinting, and I doubt I'm particularly lucky.

It also had dithering issues that was fixed in A01 firmware. It only affects a certain mode which I don't use, so I didn't bother updating mine. Other than that, I'm not sure what makes it terrible, because it got very good reviews, and I did a very thorough research before I decided on it. True 8-bit colour, larger screen and extra features like HDMI support may not be worth 2x the price of U2311, but it's certainly a higher class.
If you care to spend the extra get the Dell U2711, the picture will amaze you and you'll never want to go back to a TN again.

The resolution on it is alot better than the other 4 monitors you mentioned in the first post and it scales 1080p really well if you want to stick with that resolution while you upgrade your graphics to utilise the whole 2560x1440 resolution, plus its 16:9 so tv or other media will show properly. Its a 10 bit (or 30 bit?; See P-IPS) IPS panel with display port, hdmi (w/ 3.5mm output 5.1), dvi (x2) and vga. It also has 4x USB 2.0 and a card reader on the left side.

Click for more details
I mentioned in the thread below that I have 2 U2711 at work, and they're really awesome. It's a decent deal in Australia, but the current prices in US make even a U2410 look like a bargain. And except for the higher resolution, U2711 doesn't bring anything new that U2410 doesn't have, as opposed to U2410 vs U2311.

Current US prices on
U2311 $320
U2410 $480
U2711 $950

You can buy 3x U2311 or 2x U2410 for the price of one U2711...
I have a U2311 and it's great, it's a really nice monitor.
Quote from AutoPilot :Current US prices on
U2311 $320
U2410 $480
U2711 $950

U2410 looks most bang for the buck in this case. :3
Quote from AutoPilot :Also, the difference between 24 and 23 is a bit larger than it seems, because of the typically different aspect. Still though, I agree it's not worth it, but it's not as ridiculous a premium as it may sound at first (just one inch more...).

Bolded the important part:

120 vertical pixels doesn't sound a lot but in practice it makes a big difference. It is really quite amazing how manufacturers managed to make 1080 sound greater number than 1200 just by borrowing "Full HD" term from the living rooms.

4 Monitors, what one would you choose?
(22 posts, started )