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*IDEA* Drift Ladder
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*IDEA* Drift Ladder
This does not necessarily need to be drift only, i imagine it could work for all types of racing.

Hey, i've played CSS for around 4 years competitively and i know about the ladders, leagues and more. What i had a thought about was if LFS had a ladder.

How it would work:-
1vs1 (Time) Quickest time wins. (~7 chances to get the best time you can)
1vs1 (That drift counter thingie) Highest wins. (~7 chances to get the highest score)

This could be set up on a website with points for a win, if the higher you are and lose to a lower rank you lose some of the points you have.

2vs2 could work too, however i am not sure how to judge it.

I havent been around long and dont know everything about the game, but i think that this could work.
Finally, apologies if there already is one, like i said, im a noob

What are your opinions?
#2 - DCke
maybe would be a great option to add LFS S2/Demo ladders on , but before u can manage that u have to add a 'petition' to the clanbase site , and if there are many votes , the Devs add official ladders on the site .

But sadly not a lot racers know about Clanbase so would be hard to get ladders like 1vs1 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4 or more because it realy needs a vote/petition/ before the ladders are added . is where the most Big games have there official mathes , as individual or as team .

Clanbase is really bad, i can talk to league owners because of CSS so i can hopefully try and get it introduced on other sites, although, we would need some sort of petition to make it happen on here

*IDEA* Drift Ladder
(3 posts, started )