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Indy Car 250
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Password will be sent out to all who have posted here tonight. If you wish to join the race after 2:00 GMT Early tomorrow morning please send me a PM asking for the event password. You must meat all requirments and have read the rules fully none-the-less.
Sign GoC/E.Berisha in !
Password sent... and Elon... you applied 2 times
#29 - Ori
Times are GMT / UTC, right?
must withdraw. I thought it was on a saturday and ive got a race tommorrow
Quote from Ori :Times are GMT / UTC, right?

probably GMT

btw,i though it was on saturday too
Times are GMT.
I will help Cornys with organizing and stuff in race.
So race clean and please don't swear to much. And maybe read the rules first!
Yes times are always GMT with me.. forgot to say that though. my bad.. It's a friday race lol
Could be good practice for K500, I'm in!

Presume we need to pit?
Official Results

1. [a] Paul
2. Goc/T.Parker +0:00.07
3. (IHR)Ori +0:00.49
4. NDR Falke +2 laps
5. PaceCar SCR34MA +28 laps (retired lap 102 for crash)
6. [a] xyx +50 laps (retired lap 50 for clutch)
7. Goc/J.Telkkälä +76 laps (retired lap 54 for other)
8. F.Ghuman +80 laps (retired lap 50 for crash)
9. [McR]FuLLer +108 laps (retired lap 22 for loss of connection)

There were 4 yellow flags for a total 10 laps. (IHR) Ori lead for the most part of the event, and completed the event without stopping, but [a] Paul's early pit strategy allowed him to earn the "lucky dog" free pass on the first caution flag period.

After the 3rd caution flag was lifted a solid 3 car drafting pack was created between Ori, T.Parker, and Paul which lasted until just inside of 15 to go when T.Parker and Ori tangled in the tri-oval. Each were able to continue which set up a 10 lap sprint to the finish with 3 cars on the lead lap.

Directly on the restart Ori was passed by Paul, and Ori made a very minor lifting mistake through turn 3 later in that lap which left him watching 1st and 2nd battle it out for the win.

Going into Turn 3 on the final lap Paul hugged the white line with T.Parker directly on his wing. On exit Paul remained against the apron, but T.Parker used his small gap of a draft and got along side of Paul's right rear tire. The Goc entry put his front end against his Alpha Racing counterpart, then his left front made contact with Paul's right rear tire causing Paul to move up the track a little bit, and sending T.Parker's car slightly towards the outside retaining wall. Around the tri-oval they came, and as T.Parker reigned his car back in, Paul crossed the line completing the 130th and final lap giving the win to he and his newly joined Alpha Racing team.

Thanks to all for coming out tonight. I hope that you had fun. You may discuss the race here. Keep your eyes out for future Realistic NASCAR Events.

Replay of event is able to be downloaded at this link:
Replay please
I tryed to attach it, but it wouldn't attach... it's 1:21 long... e-mail it?
Quote from Cornys :I tryed to attach it, but it wouldn't attach... it's 1:21 long... e-mail it?

drop it in a zip file.

Indy Car 250
(42 posts, started )