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Next race ban?
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Next race ban?
OK, did a search, found nothing, so here I am.

Instead of just kicking a racer from a server or banning him, how about allowing the option (vote or admin controlled) for a next race ban? You could call it a "kick to spectate". Don't allow the guy to race but allow him to watch the next race. If he's a rookie and he's serious about getting better he may stick around and watch how people race, or leave and come back later for the next race. If he's a tool, he'll disco himself amidst a cloud of abuse and you'll be free of him.

Just a small idea I had. It might reduce some of the wrongful bans/kicks that happen sometimes. If there was a midway solution like this, people who've been wrongly accused of wrecking or people who are just having a terrible day on track and need to focus could get a chance to redeem themselves
lol im pretty sure a public vote would either be kick or ban automaticall, i think it would be good for admins though to have the ability to lock people in spectator mode

but quite honestly, i see people leaving real fast if locked in spectator mode
In theory its a good idea, but if a vote is started againt youthen the people will want you off the server so will just do a standard kick. Could be a good option for admins though.
-1 Why lock rookies in spectate mode? Why not give them some advices on how to get fast times and maybe give them sets. Then no rookie would be alowed to race because they would be in spectator mode, just by spectating you want get faster. You have to practice by yourself and feel what you are doing wrong. Me dont likes this idea.
If LFS ever gets an automatic warning / black flag system for driving behaviour, I'd think this would be a good sollution for a penalty between a stop&go and a kick/ban. But in the current state of the game I don't think something like this is needed.
I agree with the 2 posts above mine. Then I looked at Huru-aito's avatar and realized I need to go to bed. It looks like she has two sets of eyes and two mouths. Must be getting late, even rubbing my eyes didn't clear it up.
Oh well, good in theory. Just like Communism
btw I've found if you get drunk and then look at Huru-aito's avatar, it looks fine.
i like the idea
I think it's a great idea and giving the aparent simplicity of the implementation the dev could put it in the game and see what people do with it.

Next race ban?
(9 posts, started )