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My Favorite Game
this movie is about a league race from the weekly held torsdagsrace, showing the action from my teammate Jouman's perspective.

I did by far not put as much time into this as usual (longer clips and the same onboard cam almost all the time, only one combo etc) and hesitated with posting it on this forum as well - it's different from my other movies, just so you know

YouTube (fixed)

Zippyshare (download)

EDIT: uploaded the movie to youtube once again, it's available from now on!
really a good reason to make a video...I liked it...and cant even imagine the feeling the driver had after that race...overtaking in last turn of the race for 3rd place... sometimes when everything goes well it is pleasure to drive
Was a really fun race to drive that one. Might have been more boring in my original starting position, so kinda lucky i got spun in lap 1.
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said the video is not yet processed
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OMG LFS is dead
Nice movie and nice driving. The music was spot on.

Quote from logitekg25 :said the video is not yet processed

Zippyshare works and has a streaming option too.
Quote from logitekg25 :said the video is not yet processed

mmh weird... yesterday I already wondered how it can take that long, today I gave up my hope that it will ever be ready.. I think I'll upload it again later, until that is done you can use the (not so) awsome zippyshare stream as mauni said, download the video (~150 mb) or just be patient and wait

thanks for your comments!
youtube link replaced with a new one, it finally works..

edit: .. unless in germany -.-
Nice cameras, like always.

My Favorite Game
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