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support for lfs developers
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support for lfs developers
i know this thread is not irrelevant, but i Just want to say a massive thanks to all the lfs team for all there hard work they have spend on the game, they have spent so much time and effort into making this one of the best racing games iv play in ages, so i just want to say huge thanks for it all, i think this easly beats some of the newest racing games that are out on 360 and ps3, keep up the good work guys

Please post your thanks messages in this thread, they definitely deserve our support
Alltho I don't disagree with you, I am affraight this will turn out ugly. There are pretty strong oposit forces going on on this forum at the moment, and people are really waiting for that Scirocco to be released.
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You have to admit the biggest steps in sim racing (that means physics wise mostly) were done by Papyrus and their NASCAR titles, not to forget GPL of course!

But I guess LFS comes right after. For example look at the sound. Sound in a sim racing is important for knowing in which state the car is by any means. LFS generates sound itself in a way, other simulations used and still use samples. Driving with these synthetic sounds feels much more direct and realistic, though of course the sound generation is not perfect yet.
Also the tyre model is pretty unique. The way tyre flex is simulated and that it's even visible is a very big step in physics development I think, although it turned out the model is a bit faulty and has to be looked into now again.

You see these things aren't perfectly put into practice but the ideas generally speaking are great. And that the physics are written by only one person really is a big achievement!
So being honest you have to give huge credits. :thumb3d:

If only they would tell us something about if/how it all is progressing.
Quote from 5tag :You have to admit the biggest steps in sim racing (that means physics wise mostly) were done by Papyrus and their NASCAR titles, not to forget GPL of course!

Nascar Racing 2003 = Big ****ing Win....

I still use it today =)

EA Sim Racing ( intended as a NR2003 rep from EA? ) was a mjor fail for me - the AI pissed me off..... alot - as well as a certain lack of customization in the garage as well in cosmetics.

In the end - I have still had the most enjoyable fun in LFS over all - however.

( PS. GT5 'Test' build was at the local rAge expo..... I was dissapointed - I will not be buying Gran Tourismo 5 final.... when it is released - due to the lack of realism in the garage/customization )

Gran Tourismo 2 will always be my fav in th GT series.... while LFS still seems far more interesting to me.

In the end. LFS LFS LFS.....
It's the only game that I've played where it feels like you're in a weighted box, on some wheels, on a surface, and you really are clinging on for dear life.

It feels like a real tangible world with consistent and neat laws (until you twat a red and white barrier at high speed in an MRT5 )

Every other game I've played feels disconnected and "pre-rendered" to some degree.

I've not really played LFS since 2007 (till the other day, now I'm playing again), and what got me back in to it was downloading F1 2010 on Steam and plugging in my wheel.

Codemasters had put so much effort in to marketing, the menu system, the graphics and sounds, but the actual driving of the car felt like:

if (car.speed > 300 && wheel.angle > 30 && throttle.position > 50)
if (wheel.angle < 0)
load(defaultrightspinanimation5); //This one looked really good in the teaser trailer guys, well done!

...followed by...

if (anykindofoppositelockdetectedwithinonesecondofspinstarting == true)

I've always supported the devs...
The developers get a big thumbs up from me and of course a thankyou for the hours of fun this sim has supplied. If for nothing else... thankyou.
I think LFS will be "the game that never got finished"... Because as the history tells, games get...

... done/finished, then played, perhaps upgraded a little bit, then they die cause people change to a new game.

I think LFS could be the game that kills this... cause its holding ground still after 5 years with no really major changes to be "up to date"... this update would sort out physics and bring the game closer to perfection... And even if S3 may be on the horizon, do you really think scawen would just release S3 and be done with it???

S3 would have alpha/Beta/whatever, then "the real thing" and without doubt some updates.

And i think that scawen or "scavier" as a team would have spent to much time, earnt to much money... to just watch their "baby" grow old and die... i think that wether he/they wants it now or not... there´s gonna be something else for LFS in the future aswell...

Just my 2c...

support for lfs developers
(8 posts, started )