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Arriving sideways, LFS-style
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Quote from Dmt :Find the final braking point, when you found it, at the middle of the braking, turn your wheel hastily. Thats how I did...

lol, I was beginning to think noone would answer my question. I'll try it out, thanks!
I could do it by getting the downshifts right at a certain point can make the rear step out to a certain point where it gets a nice turn in.
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A little slip = fastest. But hard in real life due to finding the limit vs finding a wall, and constantly changing conditions - in LFS we get to repeat the same thing over and over so we can push on much further.

Simplest way to do it in a RWD car is just to downshift slightly earlier than normal - assuming you do good cadance braking, the rear wheels will slightly lose traction, making the car a little more eager to turn in. Note the words "slightly"...

In a FWD car it's a little harder - I personally like "loose" setups (i.e. ones which don't have optimal grip at the rear of the car) as it means I can throw the car into the corner earlier, giving me slight oversteer rather than understeer.
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In my experience the XRT and XRR in particular lend themselves to this pretty well. It's a very slight angle, very carefully modulated. I don't think you can really compare it to rallying slides.
The above video with Pearcy sliding around XFGs in his XRT is a special case: it's a low speed corner, his car is different from those he's passing, and on top of that there's no way to tell (unless you know that corner and the cars involved like the back of your hand) whether the XFGs were as fast as they could've been.
That angle of attack's more than the kind I described. Sorry I don't have any replays (nor any controller to go make some).


The quickest answer to your questions is to go try it out yourself. The XRT with some good setups (keep in mind some WR setups are "special" though) is probably the best simplest test on street tires. The XRR is probably the best road car on race tires, and I don't know what to recommend for single seaters. And then there's new tire physics coming up, which pretty much everyone has agreed for a long time now that there's flaws in the tire model, IIRC including this slip behavior in particular.

Would like to point out that Pearcy was going sideways with an XRG not an XRT. So the training for entering corners sideways should be started with the XRG. It doesn't have too much power so the sideways going won't end up beeing just powersliding. As it might turn out to be with the older brothers of this car(XRT&XRR).

Good advices earlier. Downshifting earlier without throttle blip does indeed help getting the rear twitcy. Same goes with the quick movement in the middle of the braking. Then its just getting it right and not ending up in a huge slide. In that Pearcy clip, i think it seems he is getting it almost too sideways in the start of the turn. Might loose some speed there, if it were perfect you wouldn't need to correct at all just let the wheel be straight forward.

These said, in my case i think i know the theory how to do it, but its just damn hard to get it right. Sometimes get it quite ok, but just sometimes
Quote from rc10racer :I could do it by getting the downshifts right at a certain point can make the rear step out to a certain point where it gets a nice turn in.

Same thing I use. Works like a charm
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Arriving sideways, LFS-style
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