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An open letter to the Moderators of this Sub-Forum
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An open letter to the Moderators of this Sub-Forum
Dear Moderators of this Sub-Forum,

I beg to inform you that I didn't started this merged thread:

but with your thumb down smilie and the first post it looks like I did.
But I didn't.

It all was started with a post by Mrs. Fiendi which had the tenor that I'm not welcome to give my vote about the general OLFSL question "About rearranging pools... help by admin or not etc."

It was clearly said "If you are not a member then don't vote".

But I'm a long time member of the OLFSL and I voted.
And I didn't understood why I was chosen out of the voters and was told that when I voted it "is the same way as when a none member voted".

But after explaining why I voted I got nothing but very weak arguments and a post that was aligned to cast a poor light on me.

This feels like a stab in the back for me after all what I did for the OLFSL.
Because I haven't done anything wrong in the OLFSL or to the OLFSL or to the members or the staff of the OLFSL.

Sure I had a lot of conversations in the last 2 or 3 years with Mrs. Fiendi. And (in my eyes) most of the times it ended with her verdict: I offer you my (pool manager) job, show me If you can make it better.
I can post some e-mails If you don't think it was like that. But I don't think it is necessary.

We did not understand each other, maybe it is the lack of my english or of hers. I don't know. But whenever I made suggestions it was understood by her in an invasively manner.

I couldn't make that she understood that a suggestions is not a complaint etc.

Like I said before maybe it is the lack of my english or of hers.

But I don't think that when I write "Tbh that's a strange point of view (but I didn't expected anything else from you)." that this is more a personal insult then choosing me out of the voters for no reaql reason and tell me that I shouldn't vote.

I then started to defend myself in the original thread. That's all.

My suggestions is to just delete this post here and the thread that I haven't started:

Like I said before. It's always easy to see what you want to see.
If I want I could also see this as a personal insult from you Fiendi that you created such a thread and let it look like I started it. But I don't do.

But to close the thread without answering my questions and after writing again comments about me and don't let me answer the comments is not a nice way in my eyes.

I personally feel sad about all that but (in my eyes) I don't have to apology for anything.

Just erase the thread and this here and that's it.

I'll leave the OLFSL after that as a member (because I don't feel welcome there anymore) and then you don't have to deal with persons who speak one's mind openly and I think then you can be happy again.

I hope you be as fair as I always tried to be with you and erase
this and my post here.

Thank you for your efforts!


I think I'll just close this one.

Reason why you look like you started the thread is because you posted the first offtopic one (again, in my opinion) and I just cut all messages about that new topic and put them all into a new thread. Anyone with interest to that conversation likely understood what was going on.

I'll leave the subject of personal insults as it is.

It's sad to leave a member to go, especially when it's a members of team with good reputation. In my eyes that is. Anyway, it's up to you.

The end.
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An open letter to the Moderators of this Sub-Forum
(2 posts, closed, started )