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Keys for the turning lights
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Keys for the turning lights
Can I rebind the keys for switching the turning lights? I'd like buttons on my wheel to switch them on and off.
Keys for the turning lights can't be rebinded. If you have a Logitech wheel, you can use Logitech Profiler to map some keys on the wheel to those used by LFS.
Thanks! I do happen to have a Logitech wheel, but never thought of using Profiler.
I think you can bind the keys for indicators (default = 7, 8, 9, 0) with options/controls, Alt+ and Ctrl+ using "/press 7" "/press 8" etc

I don't have my wheel around to test it for you ATM, but I think it can be done this way.

Good luck

there is a script for this in the LFS Manual wiki , look here
in options, go to controls

then go to the ctrl or alt tab, and for any one, just type in the command "/press 7/8/9/0" (pick one) and then for wheel button pick a wheel button
/press NUM works fine, thanks.

But I lack automatical switching off after the turn.

Keys for the turning lights
(8 posts, started )