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New laptop needed!
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New laptop needed!

To cut the long story short, my laptop which is a Fujitsu Siemens PI 2512 has blown up on me :P! I have had trouble with the chargers and keyboard very recently, as it has been abused for the last 2 years, which showed no sign of mercy until the last few months.

It was the better spec one with the 2GB ram - I paid £380 - 400 marks for it (That's the cheapest I could find it at the time off eBay).

Anyway, I had trouble with chargers, and today I got a new one, it was a 'LI SHIN' charger and it after using it all day, it died . Tried different power chargers to see if it was just the charger, and there was no response either.

I'm after a new laptop, has to be good looking! and powerful, such as 2GB-4GB ram with atleast 120GB HDD space with a processor around 1.8 twin core (if it's called that).

Any suggestions?
Well, I recently had to shop for a laptop myself, and my choice landed upon Dell. I spent a lot of time searching the web and it seemed to me that they had the best deals. Also, the Dell website (at least in Canada) is much better built than most other websites (not allowing customization, etc).

I've got myself a Core i3 laptop, with 500GB HDD, 4GB ram for about 700$.
I'm an Asus fanboy for years now.
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I've got a dv5-1125, been abusing it for around 1.5 years now.

Gets you easily 40 fps with high res textures at SO tracks. Though, it has a 9200M GS. I haven't had any problems with it, except I had to take it to the warranty due to a cooling failure, which was caused by abusing it. I heard there are some new HP Core i5(?) and i7 laptops out, haven't had a look on em.

Please, flame me if you'd like to!
I have a HP DV7-2090eh for a year. No fps issues at all, 4650 1gb, T6400 2.0Ghz, 3G ram. But yeah, go for an i5 or i7.
Any prefered screen size or weight?
Sorry for late reply!

I tried firing her up again, to see if it boot, and it did! Couldn't believe it!!

I think it will probably go again soon though, it's been hammered all day, everyday but it is still fast.

Screen size I prefer is usually 15.4-6" No bigger as they get a pain to move about. I found this laptop on Amazon - ... 198433&pf_rd_i=468294

What do you think?
Quote :
Graphic Card Name
Intel® HD Graphics
Total Graphics Memory
* Total Available Graphics Memory refers to the Windows® classification of graphics memory, which varies depending on the operating condition, version of device driver and system memory size.

You are joking aren't you?

You can't play LFS with these crappy specs!
Haha, I thought they were alright to be honest!

It's not completly to be used on LFS, as I have my computer which runs it great, however I wanted something which was decent around the house and to play LFS when I'm in the kitchen

New laptop needed!
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