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Losing connection without time out
Hi everybody,

I have a problem since I installed Windows 7 on my computer.
While playing on a server with more than 30 connections, i often get disconnected with no apparent reason.
The low left corner diagram shows that my connection is getting lost (it goes up to the red part) but i still see other cars and they can still see me too (no lag).
LFS sometimes displays an error, but i don't remember what it says, as i didn't see it for a while...

I'm running Win 7 x86 pro.

Hope anybody can help me, I was forced to surrender the ITCC because of that.

If my memory is good, the message is "out of xxxx (don't remeber what) space"
Quote from Profet :If my memory is good, the message is "out of xxxx (don't remeber what) space"

"out of multiplayer replay stash space" perhaps.

If so try disabling replay saving (Options >> Game)

see if that makes a difference.
I tried, it doesn't work.

The error message doesn't appear anymore, but i still get disconnected
Nobody knows?
Have you tried running as administrator?

press shift+F8 while ingame connected to a server, what debug messages do you get? (ctrl + S for screenshot)

try a doing a test and and post results.

do you have another PC to try to rule out network probs?

if all else fails backup and try a reinstall of W7 but do the above first.

Good luck

Thanks for your help SparkyDave

*Running as an admin didn't work

*Debug messages :
TCP AV : InitTime -=... (1 or 2)
TCP AV : InitTime +=... (1 or 2)
No message when i get disconnected

*I can find another PC, what do you want me to do with it?

Everything was working well when I was running XP SP2, so I suppose it's something related to a Win7 particularity?
The other PC was just to test LFS on (even only demo) just to see if it was/is your network/router/connection that is causing your problem. if LFS runs ok and you don't get the disconnects then it rules out a network prob.

I am no longer using W7 so cannot check for you , but check to see that LFS has permission to send and recieve data through the W7 firewall, windows defender etc.

Other than maybe checking for any driver updates (network adaptor drivers) I dont have any real solutions appart from an OS reinstall.

You could always do a dual boot with XP?

Good luck.

i have the same problem but only in iron horse server with more than 10 cars racing, i don't see any lags on any cars, i just lost conection with no reason, please help

Also Windows 7?
no windows xp, i tryed other computer conected in the same same conection with my and same server just mine lost conection some one please help
And the other computer stays connected?
I also have problems, sometimes with every servers. Maybe its just my luck...But not even cars lag, but messages...
I have problems, problems problems...

Without extended information this is not going to be solved. I don't know what you people expect but it's not working this way.
I have vague memories of something from the CTRA days.
Something to do with the amount of insim data being sent causing people to d/c.

Might be a starting point ?
Quote from Kristi :I also have problems, sometimes with every servers. Maybe its just my luck...But not even cars lag, but messages...

I just noticed that, the messages are lagging for me too
Quote from Kristi :But not even cars lag, but messages...

I've noticed this in serveral servers as well, but its not me that time out or loose connection.

Does everyone in-server get the "MP replay: out of stash space" message when it happens? Couple of times several people posted that message in chat right after I got the notification. Same goes for the "MP replay: stash space recovered" (or something simlar) a few minutes later.

One guy from our server kept getting the message "MP replay: out of stash space" and loosing connection. We see him getting CP: Late.

Edit: Bean0 might be on to something; I usually get this message when the servers are full in IHR and LTC.
I actually lost connection on LFSCART Test race (and IHR sometimes), when I did fastest lap but it didn't appear, just after 15-20 secs. I lost connection then.

Fastest lap or did you also improved your LFSW time?

When you do that sometimes a new LFSEI (!ex) value is requested and that supports my theory.
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i have that message on vista 64. lfs works normally when there are < 20 racers. im not laggin.