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Round 6: Confirmations
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#51 - need
Running some diagnostics on my computer jus now after I had several BSOD crashes last night.
Will let you know if VM Racing can still take part once I have the results.
Quote from MoMo92i :Team Name: E-Team
Number: 01
Car: FZR
theodinho29, Pierre Peron, FRA
xtraction, Sean Williams, GBR
fab_iceman_67, Fabrice Bankhauser, FRA
briquedejus, Valentin Adriaenssens, FRA

#53 - need
Sorry, VM Racing will have to withdraw from this round.
Can't get my computer to run stable at all at the moment. Good luck to everyone.
Surely your 2 other drivers could drive for a bit to give you time to try and fix it? See if the forum can help as well.
#55 - need
Scott's wrist is still not right, so he can't race. Which left me and Rizwan.
Since my computer keeps crashing and Rizwan can only do 2-3 stints at most today, we're just not able to manage the race.
We're looking at having at least 2 more drivers on the roster for the final round. So hopefully things will work out better for that.
The fault looks like it's either the PSU or the motherboard, don't have the cash to replace either right now, although I've arranged to borrow a PSU to test if it is that, won't get the replacement until sometime tomorrow though.
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Round 6: Confirmations
(55 posts, started )