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Sacramento Valley Region 2005 - Course 2
Two versions:
AU1_svr05-2 is the original version
AU1_svr05-2s has additional cones to discourage driving over the lines

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Pringles_AU1_XRG_PÄÄTTYNYT.spr - 40.8 KB - 273 views
AU1_svr05-2.lyt - 2.1 KB - 602 views
AU1_svr05-2s.lyt - 2.7 KB - 371 views
Some fun tracks there mate
yes those tacks are pretty good
Central Florida Region - East Event #1 Jan 06 '08, Brevard Community College

27/03/10 updated layout: some gate adjustments, route checkers.
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bcr.spr - 32.5 KB - 258 views
AU1_bcc2.lyt - 1.7 KB - 578 views
Enjoying a lot of these layouts, which is kinda odd from me since for the most part I haven't liked a lot of Autocross layouts that have been made. Maybe it's the attention you've paid while making it?

Anyways one suggestion to make things easier for people, probably making things too hard on you though, instead of a link to the post containing the download - add another link next to (video) that is (download) on the first post.
Myeah, but then they won't see my awesome screencaps :o I'll have a /ponder.
Oh, I never saw the screen caps in the first place : / As I would have had to click on them, and convert the .th so I could see the real thing . . . etc - so I would watch the video at the top and then download if I liked- dunno about others.
Ok I have got to get back into LFS autocross and give some more of your layouts a go! And maybe make some more myself. I haven't made any since I did the ones for the LFS Autox competition, how long ago was that now??

I am doing land surveying now these days and planning to take an instrument out to one of our autox events and survey the course so I can get it into LFS to the nearest cm. I need to look at that external software for autox again, but I presume you can import a .csv or whatever with (x,y) coordinates to make your layout.

Then the next step would be to get onboard video of the real thing and of LFS, see how closely it compares Maybe create a car the same as mine using LFS Tweak!
Autocross Club of Central Oregon Combi1
PCA-GGR Candlestick Park Autocross #2
PCA-GGR Candlestick Park Autocross #3
Your layouts are great but the pictures are so small! I don't even know how you'd go about making an image that small!
They are 1366x768. Click them a couple of times
I think you're copying the link to the thumbnail and not the actual picture itself. Try clicking on the links you've posted, they don't expand!
1-click, 2-click, they do expand for me. In Firefox and Chrome. Dunno what to say, really.
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They expand, even works with IE9.

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