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Monthly Updates Please.
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Monthly Updates Please.
It seems like a lot of people have put their 2 cents in about an upgrade, most recently OBP55. I do agree with what he is trying to say but I don't agree with how he put it across.

This is a great sim, one of the best that is out there but like OBP55 said, there really hasn't been any correspondence for quite a while. I'm pretty positive that if there was at least a monthly update from the devs then people would be happy with that. I'm not talking about patch updates, I'm talking about a monthly post informing the community about recent developments with the progress of an upcoming patch or release of S3.

A simple post letting the community know of what sort of problems have arisen with new physics, the development of the Scirocco and so forth.

I strongly believe that the people who are left playing this sim (and by the way things are going there won't be many soon) will be happy with these monthly updates. This will at least give people some comfort in knowing that something is being done towards the improvement of this sim.

I understand that the devs have lives of their own that they need to live and this started off as a hobby, but when you have made as much money off a hobby as I think you have and you have thousands of people who race this sim then I think that there needs to be at least some effort put forward into letting us know what is going on. Especially since we were promised a car before Christmas 2008 and it's now Feb 2010.

There used to be 10's of thousands of people each week playing this sim but now that figure has diminished quite substantially. This is because there has only been spiratic updates and no information on how things are coming along.

In closing, like I said, all you need is a simple monthly post informing people about the progress of LFS's development and I guarentee that will keep people happy and some sense of something being done.

Thank you for listening and I hope you take into consideration what I have said.

#2 - VoiD!... another "update/progress report/lfs is dying"-thread :clapclap:


There was an update just recently..

They said there wouldn't be another update for months.
Have you considered the fact that the devs maybe don't want to tell what they are working on right now.
a) It forces them into a direction (announcing you work on this or that, and the next month it simply wasn't implementable and thus discarded will get people even more furious)
b) It pushes pressure on them (not every month you can produce something showable)
c) Other sim-developers (SimBin etc.) might be lurking around in the forum and telling them what they are currently working on, might give them an advantage and due to more manpower in bigger companies might get the things developed faster in other sims (Which wouldn't be good for LFS)

Just let it be. Let them live their life, live your live and things will come how they come..
totally agree with u, once in a month at least few sentences about how devs are doing with LFS would be very healthy for the community.
#7 - VoiD
We'll give a progress report when there is something to report.

I'm working on it, that's what I said in the last progress report. That is still the case.

I've left the Tyre Physics Progress Report thread open

That is the best place to make repeated and endless requests for further progress reports. I've unsubscribed from that thread so I don't keep hearing the same old thing, so I'd appreciate it if you'd just post over there instead of making new threads.

Thanks :up:
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Monthly Updates Please.
(8 posts, closed, started )