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Ford Fiesta 2010 KEN BLOCK
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#1 - b0s0
Ford Fiesta 2010 KEN BLOCK
And who is this meet the challenge. Ken Block, the new car is a Ford Fiesta ST 2010. Can someone do this skin for XFG / XFR.
I found perhaps most necessary pictures.

There is no enough Ken Block skins ? :S
#3 - kiste
Sure but this is a new design.
New design is much better imo
I'll hit it later on.

Edit: someone can post the sprayed dcshoes logo?
#6 - b0s0
Started some work on the skin?
ye, why?

I have another request i almost forgot and its more important + i had to repaint the EDGE logo (sure i've seen it somewhere, but couldn't find it...) so im not very far on the bodypaint. Don't worry it will be done... one day... if god wants it to be.
I will only ask you one question.
Quote from b0s0 :XFG / XFR.

I think there isn't actually needed to write the question.
#9 - b0s0
XFR writing here, I thought about those who have licenses.
Hi, im thought i post a WIP, since i am gonna stop for now. I'll finish it in a few days probably. Im painting the VWS too which takes on the whole, a bit more time of course.
Anyways, here a screenshot.

Please, do not rip it apart in 5min when it's done.

Thank you!
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Fantastic start, looks spot on so far. It actually suits the vws very well. Keep us updated
wow thats brilliant. keep goin man.
#13 - b0s0
Looks amazing, good luck in the work
how do people skin so good
well... it's not good yet. It's quite faulty, but Thx

The front-fender of the XF, for example. There's a drop that looks weird. I kinda try to make it somewhat physically correct xD.
Overall the XF side needs to be stretched a bit. The drops are too thin compared to the VW. So, some have to go ^^
Yesterday night i placed the logos on the green stripe (VW) which was pretty tricky, because its connected on the hood and on each side.

The Dcshoes logo is now re-painted too (I failed to find a reasonable pic...) and placing the logo on the XFG is difficult. At the moment it's where it's supposed to be, on The XFR, but the road version has these bumpstripes and i guess it will finally be set under them, and a bit smaller then in the original design. It looks really crap when the stripes cover it.

I also morphed the 'monster' on the VW because of some heavy stretching. It goes a bit thinner to the rear now, when you look exactly from the side on it, looking from the top, it now looks accurate.

I also adjusted the green stripe so in leads now in line with the web-adress. And that's about it for now.

I will have it done on the weekend at least, because i can't access now.

@logitek25, it's called work I'll take this as a positive comment (it's good for my ego )

Thanx again for the nice comments guys.

So long,
it most definately is a compliment, but even if i spent hours upon hours trying to create those drops, i just wouldnt be able to creat a nice looking drop...maybe i just have to get used to gimp a little more
Any news?
lol... 131 viewes on the wip screeny.

Not much news really. I wasn't home this week (like usually actually), but i'll get on them a bit l8 maybe. I'll definitely have it done by tomorrow evening, i promise.
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Ford Fiesta 2010 KEN BLOCK
(19 posts, started )