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(Gai-Luron) Need help for english manual translation
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(Gai-Luron) Need help for english manual translation

I need help for documentation. I am writing doc for LFSapper in french, to have the english version i use google translate. If someone speaking well english can take a look at english version, correct them and send me the corrected file in word format. I will be very happy.

English doc

Thank you.

If nobody want to help me, i continue my manual only in french, then in Italian, sorry for english speaking man.

ill help u

Do u want me to translate all the stuff that is currently french in en to english?

Part 1 = introduction
Attached files Part 1.txt - 440 B - 353 views
Thank you

Yes but in good english , not sms type
If I spot any errors - I'll point 'em out
#5 - Krayy

* Runs on Windows using .NET, or on Linux with Mono
* Written in Microsoft C#.
* Source is available under GNU license.
* Multi-threaded: A single LFS Lapper instance can manage multiple LFS servers.
* Able to reload the configuration without leaving LFS.
* Connection to LFS server using UDP or TCP.
* Uses the SQLite 3 database for easy data management
* Complete scripting language (GLScript) to develop your own scripts and events
o Management of events triggered by LFS
o Event Timer for Delayed Effects
o Logic tests (IF/ELSE, CASE/SWITCH)
o Global or local variable scope
o Able to call internal LFSLapper functions
o Call script sub-functions
o Easy to use LFS buttons. Multiple buttons on the screen. Fully configurable
o Buttons can auto-close on Timer and generate actions
o Blinking Buttons
* Easy to include other custom modules or scripts
* Automatic detection of program crashes
* Automatic restart
* Notification by e-mail on crash.
* Complete management of log files for easy debugging of your scripts.

#6 - Krayy

* Create qualification user groups using external files or configuration file
* Hotlaps or drift mode
* Store lap PBs in Grip (Hotlap) or drift mode
* Can calculate PB by an average of 1 to 10 laps
* Calculate and store points in drift mode.
* Top PBs display in LFS.
* Display charts in LFSH (Hottlaps, Drift)
* Event-specific scripts
* View driver PBs from LFS World
* View driver statistics (fuel, km, ...) from LFS World
* Export files via FTP to use or display on websites.
* Call personalized web pages and run the code returned by these pages
* Allows setting the date format for regional support.
* Management of node events (enter/exit custom track locations)
* GLScript allows function calls on Timer.
* Setting permissions on the server according to criteria of lap times by car and circuit.
* Manage lists of swear words
* Manage driver and car handicapping (Car, Car/track, Driver)
* Manage use of driving aids in LFS
* Full vote management of LFS to End Race, Restart Race, Restart Qualification
* Sort race grid relative to PB or WR
* Automatic Car/Track rotation
* Display leading or following times separating the driver from other racers
* Personalized messages on record (WR)
* List qualifying drivers on the server
* Events called on Lapper start, new driver connections, disconnections, leaving pits, split times, enter pits, etc. ...
* Define custom commands to be executed via LFS chat.
* Message flood detection
* Set the maximum number of laps allowed by a racer during a session
* Detects loss of car control (customisable)
* Detects drivers that are too slow
* Detects drivers that are parked on the track
* Displays speed or distance values depending on the unit chosen by the drivers: km / h, km or mph, mp
* Calculates acceleration time
* Configurable pit windows
* Penalty management: Speeding in pit lane. Jumping the start before the green light

Thank you i add this soon

When you're done I could make a Polish translation if you want
Why not!
Could you send me a template help site in English so it will be easier for me to translate into Polish whole help myself. You will not have to spend any time copying and pasting translation, changing charsets, etc. and i will send you ready to publish Polish help translation.
Thank you for your help. But to write my doc i use Help & Web tools, and i can't send you nothing, because it's not readable without this software. I don't find any software who can manage multilanguage help for HTML or CHM

Ok, I understand so i translate it manually in notepad or something.


I've made a first a small part of translation. Tell me, is it be okay for you to use it in your Help tool?

LFS Lapper HELP PL part 1.rar

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LFS Lapper HELP PL part 1.rar - 2.1 KB - 328 views
If you want to, I can translate it to Norwegian for you.

Carlos NOR
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(Gai-Luron) Need help for english manual translation
(13 posts, closed, started )