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No Password for NASSA Tune up Race?
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No Password for NASSA Tune up Race?
Hi folks, just joined this league, but I have a rather simple problem.

For last nights tuneup race and qual, there seemed to be no password published on the OLFSL website. I tried the PW for the practice server, but no joy with that either.

Am I overlooking somthing?
The policy is "first come first served" and that means that the server will be open for everyone for a while and then in certain moment it will be locked with a password which isnt told to normal people, I dont know if they tell it for NASSA people so they can join later. Locking the server prevents midjoining and random racers from joining and maybe ruining it. And like it says in the OLFSL page the server was locked 1900 GMT. So basicly to answer your question, no, there is no pw to NASSA tuneups, or there is but you dont do anything with it...if you are early

And Welcome to OLFSL!
The Tune Up races filled up very quickly,sorry to all those that did not get in, but as stated above we lock down the server to give those who are racing no distractions from people joining after the race starts.

There was some extremely close racing and very little contact, looks like the BL1 races next week will go off very well.

Thanks to all who raced.

ah, now I understand. The PW in this case is to stop latecomers etc etc. So get in early and stay in!

Thanks for clearing that up guys

No Password for NASSA Tune up Race?
(4 posts, started )