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Sped features
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Sped features
just humbly hmhmhm
azzak4 imho hm hm hm
lmfao! dude how did u get my helmet?
hm hm hm hm
as you can see, scozza k 4 (aka [DUcK]) has installed the hot setup. he has dialed some expert pickupagie which leads to some mint okeefeagie imo. heres the sped in action just humbly.

Hm hm hm hm hm hm
I can see this thread lasting a while...
hahahaahahahaahahhahaahahahahahahaahahahahahaahah lmfao....

look, that might be one of ur mintest posts of all time imho azzak4, that cazza just had expert pace, with plenty of pickupgie.
This is GOOOOOOD spamthread
The helmet is really funny, but the nonsense you guys are posting would fit more into PM's i think.
infact i dialed full caster into her, which led to the maximum pickupagieness. this dajmin sped, owizze, izoffized just humbly hmhmhmhm
owizzi this jibberwizzi
owizze azza. cobber i disagree with ur post, i put the ol super soft 2ml axle in her with uber short hubs in the sweet spot and she had expert pickupagie imho
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Sped features
(14 posts, closed, started )