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BL1 and BL2 Reversed (!) racing for Demo people
At is almost 2 years now since LFS patch Y was released which locked BL1R and BL2R tracks from demo drivers. Because of this reversed rallycross races, which were the core of AirAttack back then, virtually disappeared. But here we come with an attempt to breathe a new life to the almost forgotten combos!

Airio, the tracker managing all AA servers, has been updated so that it can watch cars going throught splits and laps independently of data available on LFS server. With this update in place it is now possible to drive the wrong way on BL1/2 and still receive timing data, lap results, basically everything necessary for creating all the extensive personal/server stats.

The system's been running already for some weeks and it seems to be working correctly. There are three new experimental and temporary LFS servers called [AA] Formula BL1R, [AA] Rallycross BL2R and [AA] Blackwood BL1R. These servers are in cruising mode (so that WRONG WAY message is not displayed). To see them in LFS servers list, you need to activate the cruising option!

But going the "right" way is not allowed, the system is virtually reversed, creating virtual reversed tracks called BL1V and BL2V. Races start from pits using separate countdown tickers, speeding in pits is allowed - anyone can go full throttle right at the moment the timers runs out for him. There's a timer limiting late joining on start so that correct positions are kept.

Well, now we just need to see the servers in action. Although the system may be initially a bit confusing, surely after watching a bit and making one or two mistakes everyone can understand what's going on. So don't you hesitate, select your favorite track and car and try some laps/races. If you like this new principle, spread the word among your friends and on other servers, so that we could have serious racing there soon.

Because the system creates virtual BL1/2R available to demo people, the natural question arises: Isn't that simple and bad hacking? I really do not think so. There are other cruising, drifting and dragging demo servers that run mostly in cruising mode. This is the same, except that instead of virtual money, virtual drift scores or virtual times over short distances you drive for virtual split/sector/lap times, the resulting positions, points and fame.

All the standard software is used, the only change is that certain data coming from LFS server are processed in a creative fashion, imitating to some extent standard "correct direction" racing. Note that the imitation is not perfect. For now the lap and position is not displayed all the time, just in splits. Also drivers' list is missing, but it can be added later, when reversed races are more common. Virtual blue flags can also be implemented.

Overall, basics are ready for you to explore, improvements are certainly possible, but not a priority for now. The priority is to make these servers known, to attract attention, to find people interested in reversed track of all demo combos, road and rally alike. Your help in this by being online there and telling others is very appreciated, so that the effort put into these updates is not wasted. See you there!
This is a great use of LFS´s own system. Great job EQ, im sure the servers will be full of demo racers. I dont know why LFS devs had to take Reversed options off anyway from the demo.

Major props for you man
Heh, now all Scawen needs to do is disable InSim for demo hosts
I'm curios, do you sniff LFS's traffic or is it a PTH based implementation? Either way I don't think it's "hacking", especially since it's limited to your server environment.

@EliteAti: LOL'd at your ava
Wow, thanks for replies, I was a bit anxious what the S2 people will say... so I'm glad of (so far) rather positive response.

The system is using primarily MCI packets, sent 20 times a second and describing position of every car on track. From this you can say which direction it goes, when it crosses split points etc...

The rest is just generating virtual split/lap/finish/result events so that the standard Airio code could handle it, keep all stats on the virtual track...
Meh, EQ you hax0r! Will try it out for sure!