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MoE 09-10 R2 Intro
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MoE 09-10 R2 Intro
Win \o/
#3 - Hahmo
muse <3 oh no this is lfs forum.. sorry: moe <3
Great job Passo!
#5 - amp88
Good stuff. This is the intro video that I cut about 30 seconds from in the broadcast yesterday as I mentioned here, so hopefully less people will shout at me now!
Well done, Passo. Shame I got stuck in traffic and missed the start :doh:
You guys don't make an uninteresting video, do you? Nice work Passo!
its getting 5 stars just for the Song

where did you get that version?
I PM'd that information so the channel had less chance of being shut down!

MoE 09-10 R2 Intro
(11 posts, started )