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controler problems
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controler problems

I have an old MS Sidewinder Forcefeedback steeringwheel.
Before the latiest upgrade I could use my break as normal (seperated axes).
Now when I try to use seperated axes the break freaks out. I have tried to reset and recalibrate the axes as well but it doesn't work?

Some how the problem is now that I have only two stages of break. I have to push down the pedal about 50% and then the "break-bar" shows from 0% to 50% immediatly. when I move the pedal like 1mm more I get 100% break.

As I said, I've tried to recalibrate the axes but it doesnt work with the break. The "workaround" is to use kombined axes (with the gas) but that's not a long term solution!

When I check in the sidewinder controlcenter the break-pedal works just fine. When I push like 10% it shows 10%. So It must be something with LFS here.

Anyone got some solutions or ideas about what it can be? (No, I can't buy a new steeringwheel either).
Did you remember to change to seperate axis in the LFS options?
I thought I wrote so much and yet I missed to write that

Yes, I have made that setting so LFS will use seperate axes.
When I use combined axes in LFS and in the controlecenter it works just fine. The axes-bar runs smooth but when I use seperate axes the break-bar has like 2mm span and goes from 0-100% in two steps.
When you press the brake pedal, is the yellow/blue bar on the right s ... the axis assignment page in the options moving smoothly?

These bars display what is reported to LFS via DirectInput/DirectX. If the yellow/blue brake pedal bar is having the same 0-50-100 behaviour there then something outside of LFS is wrong (maybe a game profile gone bonkers?)
The only thing that has been changed is the upgrade of LFS.

I do not use any special game-profile for LFS and uses the standard. I have re-saved it, delete it and made a new one but still the same. the strange thing is that when I use combined the axes follows smoothly the gas/break pedal.

Here is how it looks when I have 50% break.

and here is when I have 51% break.
Is there any way to use some kind of debug-mode on LFS? to see what the imput is from the pedals?
Because the only thing that has been changed is that I have upgraded LFS to the latest patch.

controler problems
(6 posts, started )