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FlySim Racing League (Applications CLOSED)
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FlySim Racing League (Applications CLOSED)
FlySim Racing Leauge
Winter Racing League

Ladies and Gentlemen after months and months of planning here it is a test season which will be starting in 2 months time for the PRACTICE time until December when we will start our race but in 11th November 2009 the server will start and Qualication will start in the month after NOVEMBER and the first day of that month it will START schedule is below,


Saturday October (The Start Of the Qualification and the season)

10:00am - 12:00am - The start of 3 qualification sessions
13:00pm - 14:00pm - Results annouced

The Start of the league!

Date of start of league: 6th December 2009

10:00am - 12:00am - Race Starts
12:00pm - 13:00pm - Break
13:00pm - 15:00pm - Race Starts
15:00pm - Race Finishes


How to apply

Licence in CTRA:
Rank within your race team:
Race Team:


The server details will be annoced at a later date.

League Organiser

NOTICE: More details will come NEARER to the date annoced!

Also there will be no server online at October!
you forgot to post the combos in the league... and the timezone that the races will be held in...

god stig... don't you ever think these things out before you post them?
Yes, I know there will be another version of our timezones and a Schedule listing all the timezones and all the servers I'm hoping to get 2 servers depending on the timezones of other people within Live For Speed i'm hoping to get a USA based server and a UK based server so all will be annoced at a later date with the newsletter in October
FlySim Racing League

Qualification Times – November 1st 2009

12:00pm – 1:00pm – 1/3 Qualification Sessions
1:00pm – 2:00pm – 2/3 Qualification Sessions
2:00pm – 3:00pm – 3/3 Qualification Sessions

The Start of the Race – November 28th 2009

12:00pm – Start of race
16:00pm – End of race

The results : All the results will be announced at the 1st December 2009.

Last updated timetable!!!
How to apply?

Well first of all what you need todo is fill in this simple answer sheet, and post it in this topic,

Your Name:
Your Car:
Your Race Number:
Your LFS Username:
Your LFS Team: (It is not required that everyone has a team)

And then simply post it here and wait for a reply

Extra Note: TimeZones are as the following (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
#7 - J@tko
Saturday 4th October doesn't exist this year
you still haven't told us the choice of cars...

Here are your car choices as requested,

Cars: FXR or FZR
Track(New Track): AS5
Server: FlySim Racing League
Laps: 30
Qualification: 30 minuites (Each qualification is 10 minuites long)

You are allowed to pratice in the server listed as its designed for the league itself.
Just curious.

A) The server isn't actually up for me to practice online on (You may want to think about this)

B) When is it, why do you have 3 different qualifying hours, why are the results being announced 3 days after the race? You have about 8 different dates, want me to just turn up on all of them?

And is this just a single event, or will this be a league? Because having 4 weeks in between qualifying and race days could make it quite a long league :/
OMG, the server is up if you cannot find it on Display all hosts please try Join Specific Host and enter FlySim Racing League,

It is a league we will be planning other tracks when this one finishes we will be telling you the next lot of racing and qualification etc...

The times are set out like they are because we're going to have 1 after another on the qualification timetables and then the ACTUL RACE will be on the specific date set on the schedule.

Yes once you sign up you come to all 3 qualification sessions listed or you can drop out.

League Organiser
DEADLINE CHANGED TO 29th October 2009
I will not give up unless when the date comes I'll have to cancel it but that is a long time away, so just keep this in mind I will never ever ever give up.
league closed forever
#15 - pipa
Quote from (The Stig) :I will not give up unless when the date comes I'll have to cancel it but that is a long time away, so just keep this in mind I will never ever ever give up.

Quote from (The Stig) :league closed forever

Never gonna let you down and hurt youuu.

You couldn't even keep your own promise for 16 minutes

Don't write in white. You can't see it on these forums.

FlySim Racing League (Applications CLOSED)
(17 posts, started )