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SCCC - South City Cab Company
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South City Cab Company
Last Update: 21-09-2009

Hello everyone,

Boo yah! Time for this first post to receive an update!
A lot has changed, but at the same time nothing has changed as we still are the good old LFS Cabbies. Fast, Funny & Fair.

We have removed our beautiful website, yes.. sorry . However we still have our beating heart of the Cabbies: our SCCC Forum. There is also a public gaming section, a specific LFS section, an image section, ect... Everything one needs for some good chats and fun - feel free to drop by anytime. We also still have our good Olde SCCC Guestbook online, drop by to say hi!

Team organisatory notes are that sadly Tukko has decided to leave us and joined a more league focused racing team, namely nFinity eSports. We wish him truly a lot of good luck in his races with his new team (where more than one Cabbie is present). We're proud on you guys! Currently we have a total of 12 racers of which Rookie41, AtomAnt and Deutschland2007 being the latest three new members. Welcome to the team! We are currently not actively recruiting, however if you believe to be Cabbie material drop us a note and introduce yourself a bit.

sccc|Sprinter (sprinter)
sccc|Houba (Houba)
sccc|GianniC (GianniC)
sccc|Popeye (Peter Oey)
sccc|Lake (lake10)
sccc|Colt (ldriver)
sccc|Mauni (Mauni)
sccc|Reman (reman)
sccc|Ketshoo (ketshoo)
sccc|Rookie41 (Agressor)
sccc|AtomAnt (AtomAnt)
sccc|Dominik (Deutschland2007)

On the racing scene SCCC is also staying present in the Original LFS League, despite losing Tukko, our Cabbies have now 3 racers lined up in the OLFSL. Above this we're also competing in several small GP Events and working on our very first endurance racing experience, by presenting our Cabbie line-up for the Grand Touring Amateur League (GTAL).

We still have our trial HPR Network server running: SCCC Open Server. Always welcomed for some clean and good racing.
We are also working on several other mini-projects, like a full new pack of Cabbie Skins v.2010, a shiny sponsor, ect...
Stay tuned... race fast, fair and have fun !

South City Cab Company, since November 2003.
#2 - th84
Looks great!! Welcome back! Sorry to see tukko go, but very nice work cabbies!!
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#3 - ORION
Tukko I command you to do back into that team! :slap:
Great to see
- this is THE classic LFS team.
...remember way back in S1 days, SCCC was the first team I saw online.

..remember those standard skins in S1 by the way ?
Quote from bo-kristiansen :..remember those standard skins in S1 by the way ?

And on a cold, icey night when some Corsican, Englishman and Polish friends were drunk and decided to start a team based on thàt skin ?! Hell yeah lol ! Good old days..... Two days later I joined and fun was over :haha: weeehaa lol

Idd sad that Prophet and Tukko are gone. Aswell of Storm tho we didn't saw him often. But well... beside hoping Tukko changes his mind, we onyl can go on for the future and stay the one and only Cabbies in LFS !
hi Cabbies...

i´m glad to see that you guys are going foward even with this misfortunes, you guys are the best mates... keep it going

Best of luck for the best team in the world
#7 - XRRoy
keep it going cabbie folks

btw Gianni, when do we see you again on the Dutch LFS forums
Yay, SCCC! i also have a fond s1+sccc memory, houba spent some time helping me refine my bl1 lines. Many fanks!
New site is looking sweeet guys! Keep it going cabbies!!
Yeah keep going lads, you've been great help when I've seen you knocking around on the UF1 server
WoW! The new website is great, nice graphic and clean, grats
whao nice website. Hmmm , i'm wondering what would be the fare of that so called BF1 "cab" lol , and where in the world would in sit (attach) myself onto...
Well gosh, thanks for all the kind word's, we do try to keep the world of LFS a little happier , and on that note can i just point out that Tukko is still a Taxi driver, he may be bruised and bloodied but five minutes was all it took to show him the error of his ways.

sccc|Sprinter (Taxi Mafia)
I'm here and SCCC is the best team around LFS World

Sprinter made an offer that no one could resist.. he said he'll sing if I leave :eye-poppi

Welcome back Tukko !

One more time such joke and I'll come to Finland and brnig Sprinter with me....

So yes people, Tukko is back a Cabbie, welcome back fella
Quote from XRRoy :btw Gianni, when do we see you again on the Dutch LFS forums

I know I know...shame on me
But at moment I'm really really busty with school and my real life is getting every day a bigger mess so pardon me over there for me would ya I'll pop in again after my exams and we'll do another KY Oval with UF1 races
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The nuttiest Team arround.. and we're there friends..!!!! That sais alot.
Quote from franky500 :The nuttiest Team arround.. and we're there friends..!!!! That sais alot.

Yep, you guys are in deep trouble

Kev, since we're bit back action, can I offer you a lift ?
You get 10% discount...
#20 - th84
Quote from GianniC :Tukko is back a Cabbie, welcome back fella

Wooo hooo!! :drevil: :bananadea
SCCC welcome's Mauni to it's ranks

Another crazy, fast & friendly Fin with us, ready to win every beer contest there is in the whole Galaxy and also a couple of LFS races, SCCC now has 15 fully qualified LFS Cabbies !


#22 - th84
Still no American cabbies? hmmm

Quote from GianniC :SCCC now has 15 fully qualified LFS Cabbies !

SO that means you have 16 members?

gratulations to this funny bunch of lads

btw GC, havent raced you for ages - cant even remember how a completely crunched cabbie looks like
Quote :btw GC, havent raced you for ages


I wonder what you'd say if you knew .......

I have driven just 3 laps in the whole last month (June), so you cant be someone else :P

SCCC - South City Cab Company
(159 posts, started )