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cruise mod
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cruise mod
Hello! Can some one give me cruise server? There is money,police,tow,medic etc.! Email -
my suggestion would be to look in the programming section for an existing insim, or getting off your duff and learning a language and coding your own. nobody will just up-and-give a demo user a fully working cruise insim. fat chance.
hmm, my friend was writed in this forum, and get the mod, but now my friend is my enemy
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Quote from MMD_NYD :hmm, my friend was writed in this forum, and get the mod, but now my friend is my enemy

You're going to run a cruise on a demo server?

Use the search button, there is a cruise InSim available to download somewhere...
Here you go :

Quote from dougie-lampkin :This is an open source InSim cruise application, released under the BSD licence.

However, if you do not understand even basic programming concepts or are unfamiliar with InSim and/or .NET, then this is not for you. In the current state you will need to modify the source in order to get it to work as you wish. There is also no documentation aside from the code itself.

  • Cash flow
  • Buy/Sell cars
  • Bank
  • Advanced police system
  • Trading mini-game
  • Random speed traps
  • Intelligent pit fines
  • Pitting from garages check
  • KM system (NOTE: It does count KMs, I just haven't added an on-screen display!)
  • Intelligent price-list
  • Admin refunds
  • Admin InSim update/restart features
  • Displays other's cash/cars at !stats
  • Swear filter
  • Negative cash protection
And much more...

Once again, this is a very large starting block to run your own cruise server. You will need at least basic understanding of programming concepts and what the InSim protocol is and can do, to take it further. There is little documentation aside from the code itself. If you do not heed this and at least try, then you will not get assistance.

Good luck.
The INSIM_VERSION was updated to 8 when LFS updated to 0.6T.

The cruise server insim you have is likely still using INSIM_VERSION 5, so there have been a few changes that may have broken the insim you downloaded.

If you understand the code, you can find LFS Insim documentation (InSim.txt) in the LFS\Docs folder.
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Sinanju: Old insims won't set the version request byte in the setup packet, and so will be given the old, compatible packets and not break.

cruise mod
(8 posts, started )