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Quote from AlienT. :Personally I would just get a taxi and stop off at every boozer on the way, but good luck with it

Now there's a challenge, drive a marathon route, stopping at every possible boozer and drinking 1 standard measure drink, before driving to the next. Chances are, by the end you'll be too drunk to drive (ignoring any legal nuisances you'd have broken by the second pub). Clearly getting a taxi would remove a large part of the challenge, as it would just amount to speed drinking.
Sounds like a normal night out in Newcastle to me.

Good Luck
:checkered 2:16:16 :checkered
Good luck !
11 seconds

Now seriously, 2:12:37
1:23:99 gL
Quote from GjeNgiX :1:23:99 gL

You sir, need to read the rules. There's only 60 seconds in a minute
danowat, when will you stop this to tell us the time ? Right after the marathon?
When I have done the run, hopefully I can update it on Sunday afternoon, but it depends, the computer is upstairs......
buy one of those mini computers that fit on your wrist so you can play lfs while doing the marathon
2:47:31 good luck.
2 Days 49 Hours and 12 minutes. What do I win?
I wish that I lived close by as I'd come down to the roadside and accidently trip you up as you ran by, just enough mind to cause slight damage your calf muscle. Then, being the honourable chap that I am, offer to help you to the line. Of course with my support the line would be crossed at eaxctly 2:14:22.

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LOL, well, anyone in the Ely area can come along and cheer me on!!!
Is Ely somewhere here? Sure I'll come!
2:20.47 !
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damn, dont count the first one, typed wrong
You do know you can delete your post?
2:05.45, good luck!
danowat, I would appreciate if you fix the typo in my name in the spreadsheet from Renky to Renku
It seems that private messaging is broken on this forum.

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