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night and headlights?
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night and headlights?
i think it would be awesome if there was some sort of night track with head lamps illuminating the track....

additionally wet tracks with rain....

also, a ladder mode, where each race you win, you can level up or earn credits, and buy parts for your car...

Oh my we've got a new one here
Please read the Suggested improvements log and make sure your improvement suggestion is actually a new one.

Night mode or even a complete day/nigth cycle has been suggested countless times, working headlights are somewhat a no-brainer but even so, have also been suggested before, same with rain and wet tracks and vehicle modifications.

The ladder mode and credits thing can be done via InSim. LFS had a points system some time ago, didn't work, we don't want it back. Thanks.
Time/weather cycle will come. ( Maybe 1 year or 2 ? Or 3 ?! )

Buying parts ? LFS is something where everyone drives the same car for "spec fun", not "working hard everyday for money".
BTW, if STOCK XFGs race at night, the poor headlights would probably make the event a massacre. With out distance count-down ( Not every corner has count-down signs. ) you won't brake in time because when your light reaches the corner it's already too late. Stock lights are not powerful enough, even on very twisty tracks, let alone the circuits in LFS.

Watch this ( factory-stock headlights, unfamiliar track ): 1st time Mt.YY touge.
The first half of the touge was very twisty and "flying" through the bends is fine. what really scares me is the the second half with some long straights where cutting-off throttle is a must so you won't be too fast when your poor lights finally catches the hairpin ahead.
The track usually has lights as well.
-1 about the night, Because Have you ever seen normal official race at night ?,
By the way how would it look at LFSW Eg: PB XGF BL1 1.34.99 (N)
N stands for the night ? What The Duck?!
I understand Wet tracks Like they do in Top Gear next to the time they write W
But then there should be another WR or PB In Wet track :S
And they also would have to Create wet surface tyres, And working Wipers :S
What else will you suggest,
Real time weather And time Like in FSX ?!
Quote from kristis917 :-1 about the night, Because Have you ever seen normal official race at night ?

Endurance races?
The Singapore GP for one.

But yes, I'm pretty sure if and when night racing gets added, we won't be relying solely on the car headlights - the tracks will have floodlighting as well.

I imagine either the records won't change (because a dry day is always going to have the highest speeds) or they'll break it into the 3 possibles and have it like this:

Blackwood GP 1:34:894 D
1:37:381 W
1:35:340 N

The biggest problem if you've got dynamic time is where do you start calling it 'night' or 'wet'? As soon as the rain starts is not the same as when it's been a torrential downpour for an hour. Dusk is not as dark as midnight. It's a lot to consider.
So why not adding some engine similar to FSX ? xDDDD
(Real time weather and Time) For endurance races Would be perfect
But is Sounds Idiotic to me...

night and headlights?
(9 posts, started )